How to DIY Sia’s Craziest Hairstyle for Halloween in Just 3 Steps
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How to DIY Sia’s Craziest Hairstyle for Halloween in Just 3 Steps

Of all the most stand-out hairstyles of this year — from Dascha Polanco’s gray ombre hair to Kaley Cuoco’s pink *eyebrows* to Blake Lively’s lovely bronde waves — Sia’s bright white, choppy, out-to-there bob from the 2015 Grammys took home the title of craziest celebrity hair. Along with her mini-me Maddie Ziegler and a fluorescent red lip, the look became instantly recognizable. You know what that means: The “Eye of the Needle” singer’s bold hair choice makes the perfect last-minute Halloween costume, bleached blonde locks and shoulder-length cut *not* required.

Just like Sia, there’s no way we could do this to our *real* hair. So all you’ll need to make this happen is a blonde wig, a crimper tool and your favorite bright red lip. Check out how easy it is to get the look from one of the best pop culture moments of the year below!


Start by pulling your hair back into a sleek low ponytail — for this look, we’re going to be using a wig, so a slicked-back ‘do (or wig cap if you have thick hair) will ensure the wig will fit right and help prevent unnatural-looking bumps. Pro tip: Be sure to choose a human hair wig so that you will be able to style the wig with hot tools without it burning.


Sia’s hair was very voluminous and cotton ball-like, so it’s definitely important to add as *much* volume as you can. To do that, grab a comb or teasing brush and start teasing your hair at the roots, working from the top of your head down. The fluffier it looks, the better it is.


To complete the hairstyle, crimp random strands on the top of your head and you’re done.


Last but not least, put your fave red lipstick on your (very serious) lips and wear a black shirt, jumpsuit or even LBD. You’re now officially red carpet ready :)

Now it’s time for the trickiest part: to reach your Halloween party destination without falling into an open manhole ;)

Have you ever DIYed a celebrity-inspired look? Who was your muse? Talk to us in the comment section below.

(Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty)