While we’re still trying to figure out our own Halloween costume, let’s take a second to think about the kiddos. There are plenty of adorable costumes for the little ones, but face paint will add the perfect finishing touch to their All Hallow’s Eve getup. We’ve gathered a few of our faves for 11 super safe and easy looks that kids can try this year.

1. Frozen‘s Anna: This Anna-inspired look is nothing short of darling. We kind of want to try out the braided pigtails for ourselves. (via iwanted2c1video)

2. Raggedy Ann: We can’t get over how adorable this look is. And the best part is that it’s super easy to do yourself. (via Courtney Little)

3. Cat: Raid your own makeup cabinet to help create this very sweet cat look that’s purr-fect for all ages. (via MsEllenMelon)

4. Dragon Tales: Help your kiddo go as a colorful dragon on October 31st — no magic required. (via Silly Heather)

5. Frozen‘s Elsa: We’ve seen a whole lot of Elsas running about since the arrival of Frozen, but this little girl might just be the cutest yet. The beautiful purple eyes are giving us inspiration for our own Disney look. (via JohnsonFamilyTV)

6. Half Squeleton: We think this is an awesome look for any little guy or girl who wants to go a bit scary on Fright Night. (via Jinny Genevieve Houle)

7. Dracula: We don’t know about you, but this might be the most adorable Dracula we’ve ever seen. Just a little bit of face paint is required for this classic costume. (via BeforeandAfterTV)

8. The Hulk: Don’t make him angry! Grab some green paint for an easy and fun Hulk-inspired look. (via Parenting.com)

9. The Descendant‘s Evie: Try a look from the hottest kids’ movie of the summer. You can go as the Evil Queen and have your little one dress up as her daughter Evie for a perfect mommy-and-me costume. (via Toy Daycare)

10. Spidermask and Wonder Woman: How darling are these mini superheroes? This simple look is great for all the little heroes in training. (via Courtney Little)

11. Barbie Princess: For the princess-loving kids that love color and some sparkle, this sweet tutorial is just the thing. (via Keriiyann thoj)

Which of these kid’s Halloween costumes do you like best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!