Even though we’re way over the fad diet scene, we’re always up for learning more about healthy eating and borrowing tips from the ones that sound the best for us to DIY our own live-it (not a die-t, get it?). With a constant stream of #foodporn temptation on our Instagrams, the healthiest choice is not always the most shareable. But with these 11 easy-to-follow plans, you’ll be focusing on eating well to promote your healthiest, happiest you. That sounds like a win-win that is more about finding what works for you than depriving yourself. Bonus: most of these programs include fitness regimens. Hello, six-pack!

1. The Nourished Kitchen Diet: This back-to-basics diet centers around the ways of traditional cultures around the world, as they’ve often been deemed the healthiest. What that essentially means is lots of healthy fats and cultured foods (yay kombucha!). Alongside lots of yummy recipes, this website offers farm-to-table style meal plans, classes and a cookbook to help you stay on track. As food author, Michael Pollan always says, if your grandparents wouldn’t recognize it, don’t eat it. (via Nourished Kitchen)

2. Lauren Conrad’s Bikini Boot Camp: LC touts her plan as a lifestyle change, not a diet. If it’s a lifestyle of looking as good in a bikini as she does, we’ll take it. She suggests drinking lots of water, cutting out all the processed crap and of course, exercising. Plus, she’s got healthy options for indulging your sweet tooth. (via Lauren Conrad)

3. A Paleo Diet: It’s no secret that going Paleo is the wave of the future. If you don’t know where to start, think about it this way: It’s all about eating the way our ancestors did with the foods our bodies have evolved to optimally digest. It’s mostly meats, fruits and veggies (no grains, no sugar). Basically, just cut out all of the bad stuff you know you shouldn’t eat (until you see that last chocolate chip cookie sitting on the counter, of course). (via Slim Palate)

4. Tone It Up Nutrition Program: Karina and Katrina, the founders of Tone It Up, have the healthy lifestyle thing down pat, and they can help you master it, too. It’s all about fresh, healthy food, exercise and community support to create an energized, confident you. (via Tone It Up)

5. The Sugar Detox: This book is a major life-changer. With step-by-step ways to change your eating habits, beauty routine and workout regimen, this Dr. Oz-endorsed book will completely revamp your lifestyle. The plan helps you to cut out sugar and carbs so that you no longer need or crave them. After a few short weeks, you’re able to slowly incorporate them back into your meals — but you probably won’t want to! (via sadieraeando)

6. The Blood Type Diet: Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr combines a couple different diet plans to maintain her svelte figure, including the Alkaline Diet (see below). But one of her mainstays is the Blood Type Diet, a scientific plan based on treating your body as a “biochemical individual.” Type Os have different nutritional needs than Bs, for instance. It may sound confusing, but personalized nutrition is really the key here. (via Vogue UK)

7. The Alkaline Diet: Practiced by Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham, this diet’s got a major celebrity following. This plan teaches you to maintain your body’s ideal pH level by cutting acids (think caffeine, meats, sugars) and loading up on healthy alkaline foods, like fresh fruits and veggies. (via Glamour)

8. A Raw Food Diet: A raw food plan is supposed to be one of the healthiest ways to eat, promoting an energy boost, weight loss and mental clarity. It rests on the idea that cooking our food breaks down the enzymes and destroys vitamins, depriving us of vital nutrition. And hey, if it’s good enough for Victoria’s Secret Angel, Doutzen Kroe, it’s good enough for us. (via Beautiful on Raw)

9. The 5 Factor Diet: As long as you can remember the number five, this one seems pretty easy to follow. Five meals a day, five minutes to prep per meal that only include five ingredients each, along with five workouts that feature five types of activity. Whew. Balance your eating habits with your exercising to nail down this plan. And it works for Megan Fox, so there’s that. (via Celebrity Fitness Training)

10. Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer: Jamie’s program is all about jumpstarting your journey from whatever stage you’re at to a healthier you. She offers a 12-week routine with daily workouts that start with the basics and progress as you go through the program. There is also a nutrition plan that’s focused on boosting your metabolism so that you’re not constantly hungry. Oh, and it’s free! (via Body Building)

11. The Zone Diet: Balance your hormones by balancing your intake of protein, carbs and fats. The Zone will enable your body to control the three major hormones: Insulin, glucagon and eicosanoids. With that baseline, you have lots of freedom to choose what you eat, just as long as you’re focusing on fresh, high-quality foods. (via Become Gorgeous)

Are you inspired to get healthy this summer? Let us know what eating plans work for you in the comments below!