Now that the wave of major candy holidays is peaking, we are psyching ourselves up to get back to our go-to healthy snacks. Not that we didn’t enjoy our candy canes, followed by heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, followed by marshmallow bunnies and all. We really did. But it’s time to reset our eating, and that includes planning for some healthy snacks. Here are 11 healthy snacks to help get your eating back on track.

We know, intellectually, that store-bought snacks are not good for us, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting them. And if that’s all that’s around, we’re going to slip up, especially when that late afternoon sugar-demon hits. Rather than try and fail to quit snacking cold turkey, we have learned that it’s better to replace our biggest temptation snacks with healthy alternatives. Having healthy choices on hand will ensure that we achieve our goal to eat for the greatest nutrition possible and avoid empty calories, no matter how busy we get. Here are 11 snack swaps to replace your most dangerous temptations.

Over at Oh So Delicioso, Des is making healthy dried mango that will make us forget our gummy bear candy cravings. As the first ingredient in gummy candies is sugar or even worse, high fructose corn syrup, dried fruit is an excellent substitution. Of course, fruit has a lot of natural sugar, but it also has fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are not found, of course, in candy. Plus, Des makes drying mango in the oven look absolutely easy. She doesn’t add any ingredients. It’s just 100% mango. How more natural can you get? Dried fruit without additives is friendly to almost all eating plans. So, enjoy!

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(Photo via Oh So Delicios)