Know what’s better than one of Starbucks colorful secret drinks (besides ice cream coffee floats — yes, you read that right!)? A two-toned version of one of their colorful secret drinks.


While this summer had coffee connoisseurs (including us — we tried ‘em all!) buzzing with guesses as to what exactly it was that made up the new mysterious “pink drink” blowing up our Instagram feeds (coconut milk and strawberries or blackberries), it’s finally been dethroned as the coolest looking ‘Bucks in town.

A genius over at @dailyfoodfeed has found our next go-to, and guys? It’s colored like a unicorn.

Behold, the two-toned gem that’s sure to be sweeping the nation in no time: the Matcha Pink Drink.

“The #PinkDrink is sooo 2016,” @dailyfoodfeed writes. We’ll say! So how do you get this beaut of a concoction? Start by ordering a pink drink as you normally would (so a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk), then add one part matcha coconut milk on the rocks, and voila! The most gorgeous Starbucks creation you’ve ever seen.

Between this and the new Lilly Pulitzer Starbucks water bottles, it’s almost more than we can bear. Almost. *Running out to get one ASAP.*

Have you tried the Matcha pink drink? What did you think? Weigh in over @BritandCo.

(h/t Cosmopolitan)