Oh Ellen, say it ain鈥檛 so.

2017 has been a pretty great year for Ellen. After making聽People鈥檚 Choice Awards history and helping many people better understand the Muslim Ban using her role in Finding Dory, you鈥檇 think that this year would be nothing but roses for the daytime host. But after a night out with wife Portia De Rossi and an ill-fated attempt at some gymnastics, Ellen鈥檚 blaming wine for her recent stint at the hospital.

During Tuesday鈥檚 opening monologue, Ellen explained why her finger was bandaged up, joking, 鈥淚 broke my finger. I know what you鈥檙e thinking: 鈥楬ow can you host a show without the tip of my ring finger?'鈥 Turns out, she and wife Portia were out for dinner and had a tiny bit of wine. When they arrived back home, the host says her dogs were excited to see the pair, and she was feeling excited too. It was then that things took a turn for the worse, and when Ellen tried to do a one handed cartwheel, her hand slipped and her finger dislocated at the knuckle. YEOUCH.

During the show, Ellen hilariously recounts her time at the hospital, including a run-in with a person who was hit by a bus! Luckily, she鈥檚 doing okay and her finger has been put back into place. But we can鈥檛 do this story justice. It鈥檚 so hilarious, and works best when Ellen tells it herself.

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(h/t E! Online; Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty)