Kylie and Tyga have been on-again, off-again as long as they were first spotted as a couple. Everything they do with each other is scrutinized, and they constantly find themselves in questionable situations, like when Tyga bought Kylie a b-day gift that almost got him arrested. While the pair’s relationship has probably been under strain since Kylie’s big brother Rob got engaged to and had a baby with Tyga’s ex, Blac Chyna (it’s definitely caused Rob and Kylie to fight a lot), the pair have seemed to be going pretty strong. That is, until fans of the lip kit queen noticed Tyga’s absence from Kylie’s social media accounts over the month of March.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga

The last time Kylie posted any social updates with Tyga was back on March 8, and the last time they were seen together was when Tyga accompanied some of the KarJenners to dinner and a movie a few days later. Since then, the pair have not been shown in each other’s social posts. This is unusual for Kylie especially, who it seems always is with her boyfriend. In fact, the last time Kylie posted to IG with Tyga at all was on Valentine’s day, six weeks ago.

While we aren’t sure what’s going on with the pair, for his part, Tyga moved into a new house in LA and has been spotted partying alone in Vegas most recently. Only time will tell what’s going on with the pair, but it feels like they’ve been together forever and their intricate family relationships may have finally done them in.

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(h/t E! Online; Photos via Jamie McCarthy + Craig Barrett/Getty)