While we鈥檝e been wondering if Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are already showing too many red flags in their relationship 鈥 which we can blatantly see via their reality show AND social media 鈥 at the moment, it鈥檚 sibling drama that鈥檚 going down. As the family preps for Blac Chyna鈥檚 baby shower, things have apparently gone from bad to worse between Rob and sis Kylie, and to prove it, Rob just shared Kylie鈥檚 phone number with the entire world.

Though we鈥檙e all aware that things aren鈥檛 exactly cool between Rob and Kylie (y鈥檏now, because Rob is having a baby with Kylie鈥檚 boyfriend鈥檚 ex and baby mama), the family has taken their beef public once again. Shocking!

Stemming from a baby shower the Kardashians are apparently throwing for Rob, he seemed to think that Blac Chyna wasn鈥檛 getting an invite, at least according to his revealing tweet.

He prefaced that with an even MORE revealing tweet: one containing Kylie鈥檚 phone number, surely not something she鈥檇 want made public. From the emoji in his tweet, he found this hilarious. We have no doubt Kylie did not. And, yep, she鈥檚 already changed her number, so no need to try to call her up to see what she thinks.

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