We’re going to tell you something, but promise that you won’t freak out. Okay? Here goes: An iPhone 7 exploded in the mail. But seriously: Don’t freak out! We’ll get through this together. This isn’t like the Samsung exploding scandal at all — we promise!


Here’s what happened: A guy ordered his iPhone 7 online and had it shipped to him. But when it got to his house and he opened the box, there was just a charred shell of a former iPhone 7 inside. The packaging was torn and seared, and needless to say, it was a complete mess. Total nightmare, right?

BUT, there was also a HUGE dent on the back of the phone, which most likely indicates that the phone was hit hard by something during the transportation process.

Here’s a fun fact for you: When you apply lots of pressure (and heavy weight) to batteries, it’s not entirely uncommon for them to just kinda’ sorta’ explode. So, what most likely happened in this particular case is that the phone was crushed under something during shipping and the pressure from said heavy object made the phone go boom.


Unlike the recently exploding Samsung phones, for which there is no identifiable outside force causing the phones to combust when they’re turned on and charging, this one has a (totally logical) explanation. And, so far, it appears to be an isolated incident.

Although we can’t say with 100% absolute certainty that this isn’t the start of an exploding Apple scandal, the chances are very very low.

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(h/t Mashable, photo via Apple)