Apple has apparently erred too much on the side of caution this time; they simply did not make enough jet black iPhone 7s or 7 Pluses. Within minutes of opening pre-ordering to the public, Apple was sold out. According to TechCrunch, not only are all jet black iPhone 7 Pluses sold out, but so are all of the other finishes. Apple says that, beginning Friday, limited quantities of the iPhone 7 in all finishes except jet black will be on sale to walk-in customers.


While Apple’s site says that the jet black iPhone 7 Plus won’t be available until November and does not give a more specific date, the 7 Plus is available on backorder from mobile carriers, potentially sooner. Verizon’s site puts the date at November 23.


T-Mobile has provided a helpful table listing all the finishes and storage capacities of the 7 Plus and dates the 128GB and 256GB models at November 1 through November 30.

The only other option at this point, if you really have to have it now, is to look for people selling one on sites such as Craigslist and eBay — there are bound to have been some people who anticipated this fiasco and bought the iPhone with the intent of reselling it. You will definitely pay more than the resale price, but you will get it sooner.

Whatever route you choose, you should definitely order it now, because you can bet that other people will be doing the same exact thing.

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(Photos via Apple + T-Mobile)