You may be used to the Easter Bunny leaving chocolate eggs around your home for a fun treasure hunt, but what if the fuzzy fabled creature gave you sweet kisses instead? Or rather, sweet Carrot Cake Kisses.

It just might happen if the Easter Bunny is a fan of Hershey’s, who are releasing a new treat just in time for the special spring-heralding day. Carrot Cake Kisses are ready to take your veggie-themed chocolates to the next delicious level.


Granted, the Easter Bunny will also have to shop at Walmart, where the chocolates will be sold exclusively, but she seems like the type of rabbit that hunts (hops?) down a deal.

The timely treats will be made of orange-dyed white chocolate that’s been given a touch of carrot flavor. Um, yum? The wrapper will be orange with brown stripes and a white and green ribbon popping out of the top to mimic the stem and finish off the veggie effect.

Honestly, they’re sounding more carrot than cake, but a taste test will need to be conducted just to be sure. Ya know, just so we know!

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(h/t Mental Floss; photo via Hershey’s)