Father’s Day is right around the corner! Instead of getting your pops yet another tie, wall clock or monogrammed fill-in-the-blank, go for something handmade, modern and unusual. We’ve got a whole bunch of good stuff in the Brit + Co. Shop for you to check out, but here are our 9 favorite picks for all of our cool dads!

1. Cedar + Sage Candle ($28): Made by the dudes of Manready Mercantile, each of these candles is hand-poured in repurposed whiskey glasses. That’s right. Even candles can be manly :)

2. Unplugged Premium Wine Opener Set ($40): Does your dad think he’s a genius sommelier? Or just a regular wino? Either way, he’ll love this easy-life wine opener made just north of here in Napa Valley.

3. Mantis Chair ($125): It’s a fairly universal fact that all dads love the great outdoors, so it’s a pretty good bet that yours will appreciate a sturdy and portable camping chair.

4. Miles Wooden Sunglasses ($165): Handmade in San Francisco, these hip stunners will make your pops the ultimate “cool dad.”

5. Wooden City Map ($96): If your pops has a soft spot for Austin, Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Philadelphia or San Francisco, then we’ve got a map for him.

6. Lapka Personal Environmental Monitor ($249): This straight-from-the-Jetsons monitor connects to your phone to measure, collect and analyze the hidden qualities of your surroundings.

7. Switch Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($150): Dads do love their gadgets and gizmos, and wireless anything is kind of an instant win.

8. PocketMonkey ($12): Forget the 2-in-1, this little monkey is a 12-in-1. Bottle opener, letter opener, wrench, screw driver, iPhone kickstand and more! And you can totally get it past airplane security.

9. DIY Synth Boombox Project Pack ($75): And finally, the perfect gift for tinkerers: A boombox your pops can build himself!

What are you getting for your dad this Father’s Day? Any favorites from the list above? Talk to us in the comments below.