It’s a seriously crafty time of the year, which means that some things are almost guaranteed to go wrong. But sometimes those holiday fails are just as funny and memorable as that perfectly staged holiday card photo or creative Christmas tree. It’s the little things, right? These ‘Grammers are showing us the true spirit of the holidays, one LOL at a time.

1. Gingerbread Roof Damage: This candy roof may be about to cave in from all of those high expectations. (via @kjmathias)

2. Light Bulb Breakage: Sometimes the excitement to string up those lights results in a few (or many) casualties. (via @popejoys)

3. Advent Calendar Fail: Some of us just aren’t patient enough for this tradition. (via @louiseamorrison)

4. Christmas Tree ZZZs: The holidays are stressful, even for our trees! One can only take so many ornaments. (via @kristianncordes)

5. Tinsel Mullet: Party in the front and party in the… back? Billy Ray would definitely approve. (via @theemmarumble)

6. Ornamental Carnage: Here’s a great example of why it’s important to be patient when packing away all of the holiday decor on January 1. (via @matt126)

7. Puppy Trouble: We’re not the only ones attracted to all things bright and shiny. (via @linstylist)

8. Christmas Tears: All those photos and meetings with Santa can really wear a little tyke out. (via @aprilproveaux)

9. Christmas Cat Trap: Think of Christmas trees as giant pieces of catnip — they just can’t restrain themselves. Be sure to have a camera ready. (via @jerzeyshorechick)

10. Hannukah Fail: Eight crazy nights is just too much for this menorah. (via @sportsology)

11. Creepy Elf on a Shelf: We love our elf’s crazy antics every year, but there’s something about him watching over our midnight trips to the kitchen that’s not okay. (via @cpallen216)

12. Snow Globe Collision: Maybe some bubble wrap and a secure box will prevent these kinds of accidents from happening next year. (via @anisedog1)

13. String Light Fail: Make sure to plug in your lights before wrapping around the tree, or you’ll have some serious unraveling to do later. (via @prettyfitlife)

14. Satan Claus: Reason #193857 why it’s important to proofread. (via @brandon.berner)

15. Microwave Mishap: Recreating a little holiday magic in the microwave never hurt anyone, but sometimes the magic can cook a little *too* long. (via @annanicki23)

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