We could spend hours scrolling through all of the DIY potential on Pinterest. In fact, we do. But not everything we make turns out like the pictures. Sure you can chalk some of our disappointment up to lighting or camera quality, but sometimes no amount of Photoshopping can make our botched creations look Pin-worthy. And you know what? That’s totally okay. DIYing shouldn’t be an attempt at perfection, as long as you had fun doing it. We’ve found some “we’ve been there” holiday #pinfails that will make you (and us) celebrate your next #oops.


1. Powdered Donut Santas: It looks like the original was made with carrots, but it’s the holidays. The more Cheetos the merrier. (via @whitneyleighh23)


2. Red Velvet Cookies: If they’re still edible, they’re fair game. Of course you could always chop these up into cookie bark too. (via @shinyhappybrooke)


3. Santa Cheesecake Bites: Seriously, as long as it doesn’t fall on the floor, we don’t care what our cheesecake looks like as long as it tastes good. (via @nicolemargaret709)


4. Reindeer Cupcakes: So these aren’t going to make it into the next issue of Martha Stewart Living… (via @legzfordayz32)


6. Ribbon Tree Ornament: Ribbon tree? More like like bow stick. Gift it to your teenage niece — she’ll have the same reaction as if you actually tried to get her a rad present. (via @ashleymccutcheon)


7. Chocolate Cups: Just keep in mind… it’s the thought that counts. Also, this probably still tastes amaze. (via @islandella)


8. Candy Cane Reindeer: Let’s just lovingly call this one a nightmare before Christmas. (via @emmamarch28)


9. Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookies: If these turn into Marshmallow Cookie Pancakes in the oven, that’s totally cool too. (via @itsbradygirl)


10. Book Christmas Tree: This is such a great idea in theory, but who has that many green hardbacks? No one, that’s who. (via @nikki_lehman01)


11. Peppermint Dish: What’s the end game here? Can we eat that very large peppermint? This fail seems like destiny. Break up that peppermint into a delicious cake topping instead. (via @mayra.l.smith)


12. Cinnamon Stick Santas: Santa is in the eye of the beholder. Sharpie some eyes on those guys and pretend like their salvageable. (via @southern_belle101)


13. Melting Snowman Cookies: The example cookies are cute and all, but we think the “fail” is a more true-to-life presentation. (via @staceynoelle28)


14. Reindeer Sugar Cookies: When these lil reindeer cookies went into the oven, they took on a life of their own. There’s no stopping that baked rebellion. (via @catalinaislandcamps)


15. Blob Bulb: Kids’ handprints are way trickier than they look, especially on a ball. Lighten up on the paint and hold your kid’s fingers in place for a solid five seconds before you pull it up. (via @a.m.c.r.a.i.n)


16. Santa Cake Balls: Whatever… close enough. (via @leahherald)


17. Wrecked Wreath: Perhaps it’s best to tackle those ornament wreaths with plastic bulbs. They’re just as shiny… but if the wreath falls, you won’t have to live in fear of stepping a shards for the rest of the holiday season. (via @bananas4627)


18. Cookie Spoons: How about next time, we just skip the spoon stuff and go for a star cookie cutter? (via @ladyslittleloves)


19. Yule Log Cookies: The infamous swirl is the evil temptress of baking lovers everywhere. Whatevs, we never met a cookie crumble topping we didn’t love?! (via @live_d1997)

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