Pastel palettes of summer, it’s about time to let you go. With winter comes darker lips, dramatic eyes and, of course, metallics and more metallics. We’ve been scrolling through Instagram for our seasonal makeup inspiration, and we’ve found the best follows, guaranteed to inspire your beauty looks for every potluck, cocktail party and company shindig from now ’til next year.

1. @patmcgrathreal: If you’re rocking baby blues, look no further for the ultimate nighttime holiday look with this magenta smokey eye. McGrath likes to amp up the drama, and you can too by bringing a dark shadow around to the bottom lid. A light lip will keep an even keel.

2. @lisaeldridgemakeup: What do you own in the way of high-fashion chainmail? We’re fresh out, but we will take some tips from Eldridge’s vintage flair with those ultra dark brows and almost-nude lips.

3. @ctilburymakeup: Charlotte Tilbury is a self-declared mascara addict, but that doesn’t mean she skimps on the shadows. She definitely brings on the metallic with lasting shadows that pack a punch.

4. @lisahoughton: Wanna take things a step beyond natural? Houghton is the master. She keeps things subtly glam with with natural palettes and some eye drama when necessary.

5. @sjblife: Green and red are classic. Sir Jon is certainly not afraid to turn the familiar pair into something ultra glam. When you’re Beyoncé’s makeup artist, can you be anything but #fearless?

6. @beau_nelson: This celeb favorite goes form natural to new wave in a heartbeat. We’re loving this perfectly contoured bronze look on Richie. We think we’ll shake things up with some dramatic bottom liner, too.

7. @lauren_andersen: Going for classic Hollywood glam? Keep it simple with thick black lashes and a popping red lip. This look is a makeup artist fave and, displayed on Reese Witherspoon, is total makeup mastery.

8. @patidubroff: Dubroff has done makeup for some of the most stunning ladies in Hollywood, so it’s no wonder she’s pulling out a classic red lip for Miley. With the gold shadow, she’s holiday ready.

9. @hannah_murray1: If you needed another reason to love Kylie, here’s one. We love this black lace look with red nails and a pink lip. Perfect for the holidays or New Years.

10. @benjaminpuckey: Are we proposing that you paint the bottom half of your face gold? No, but if you were going to do it, there’s no better time than the holidays. Instead, you can go for a gold shadow and maybe even a gold lip.

11. @charlottewillermakeup: There’s nothing more traditionally glam than a shiny red lip with a smokey eye.

12. @hungvanngo: Nothing complements big, soft waves quite like blushing, pink makeup. Put that metallic mauve shadow to work.

13. @beautyisboring: Bring on the blue. Get poppy with your eyeliner and grab something other than black. With the color party happening atop your eyelids, you can stick with a clear, glossy lip.

14. @rachel_goodwin: Selena is keeping it youthful yet fun with a heavy wingtip and a pink lip. In fact, we’ll just steal this whole look for our next holiday shindig. Okay? Thanks.

15. @lotstar: Don’t be afraid to go dramatic with your shadow. Makeup artist Lottie loves getting playful with makeup, and you should too!

What’s your favorite beauty look for winter? Let us know in the comments!