The holidays are officially here, and we’re making all sorts of lists… and checking them twice! Lists of gifts we want, lists of people we want to invite to our holiday parties and, of course, lists of gifts we need to buy for our friends and family. The thing is, all that holiday shopping can add up. So we’ve teamed up with Coinstar to share five unexpected ways to fund your holiday shopping. And yes, pirate-inspired treasure hunting is most definitely involved.

1. Tap into Your Coin Jar or Piggy Bank: We all have one, but there’s more in there than meets the eye. And if you’re like me, you have a bowl of coins on your nightstand, a tray of coins on your dresser and a piggy bank on your desk. Rally the coin-collecting troops and get thee to a Coinstar kiosk! You’re probably familiar with those lean green machines found in grocery stores and the like that turn your piles and piles of coins into cash. But Coinstar also lets you turn them into an eGift Card for no fee, making it supremely easy to convert coins into all kinds of holiday shopping. Feeling generous? You can even donate your newly minted funds to a charity!

2. Exchange Old Gift Cards for Cash: You know your great-aunt means well when she gives you a gift card to a nice steakhouse every holiday, but when is she going to remember you’ve been a vegetarian for the last five years? Lucky for you, Coinstar has gone beyond the green kiosk. They also have bright yellow kiosks, dubbed Coinstar Exchange. These make it simple for you to turn all those unused or partially used gift cards into instant cash. That’s right — that gift card to a steakhouse can actually turn into something more! How cool is that? You can find one near you by hitting up this handy kiosk locator.

3. Sell Your Clothes and Accessories: Got a bag of clothes, shoes and other accessories that you keep meaning to bring to your local consignment store? Personally, I have a hard time getting rid of things. I always have that nagging voice in the back of my head saying to me “hey, you might need that for a costume” or “hey, I’m sure neon floral is going to come back in just a few years.” But here’s the thing — we’ve ALL got stuff we can get rid of. And people want that stuff! My most recent experiment is putting all of the things I think I don’t want in a tote bag and stowing it away in my living room. If I don’t access it for six months, it probably means I don’t need those clothes. So, off they go! Sell your duds, and get yourself some holiday cash. (P.S. Don’t forget to check the pockets of your clothes for cash or coins to add to your Coinstar stash!)

4. Make Sure to Cash Out Your Venmo Account: We are avid Venmo users around here, but we often forget to cash out. Fire up your Venmo app and give yourself a cash money bonus, yo!

5. Go Treasure Hunting… in Your Purses, Pockets, Pouches and Couches: And finally, it’s time to go treasure hunting. Purses, pockets, pouches and couches are good places to start. From there, we recommend taking a tour of junk drawers, glove compartments, backpacks and nightstands. You might even find a $20 bill.

Or in Paige’s case, a $1 bill ;) And if you find any coins or gift cards, you know just where to take ‘em — Coinstar FTW.

Happy treasure hunting and holiday shopping!

This post is a collaboration with Coinstar and Coinstar Exchange.

Production + Styling: Kelly Bryden
Modeling: Paige Sager
Photography: Chris Andre