Unless you live a very rural lifestyle, chances are you’ve never had to kill an animal or pick veggies for dinner. Ironically, there’s a futuristic gadget that’s bringing us back to those hunter-gatherer days so we can have a new appreciation for our food, be it from a forest, ocean or coop.

As part of Electrolux’s Design Lab this year, designer Pan Wang took home the top prize for his project, Future Hunter Gatherer. With this device you can let loose holographic plants and animals into your house for you and the family to capture. This is not a Disney version either. To eat fish for dinner, you actually have to bash them to death.

The device looks a bit like a Nest thermostat that you can hang on a wall or sit on a counter. After you’ve captured your dinner, it arrives at your door… and it’s not a holographic version. For example, if you catch a trout in the game, a local market gets a notification and delivers that food to your door.

Wang is not on a vegetarian agenda… although his device might make you one. His holographic wildlife is an attempt to connect people to their food sources and bring more appreciation to what we’re eating. This is taking things a step beyond farmers markets so that we can better understand how our food gets to our plates.

The more we know about food, the more we can make healthy decisions about what we’re eating. Maybe going back to the hunter-gatherer days is a good way to start.

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(h/t Fast Company)