We don’t usually need a ton of external motivation when it comes to ordering pizza for dinner, but this October, Slice is giving us even more reason to skip trying to perfect the perfect pizza at home and call for delivery instead. Slice is an online and mobile service that helps people connect with their local pizzarias for easy ordering and delivery (in case you didn’t already have them on speed dial). And now, thanks to their charitable giving program, you don’t even have to feel bad that you’re not trying to make your favorite takeout dishes from scratch.

Mobil pizza delivery app Slice is giving back this October

During the month of October (which happens to be National Pizza Month, hurray!), Slice is launching their #HomeSliceForHunger campaign. The goal is to raise funds to aid hunger relief efforts for those affected by the recent hurricanes that swept accross the southern US and Caribbean islands, and for families around the country who are food insecure.

To participate, all you have to do is add a delicious pizza pic to your Instagram, using the hashtag #HomeSliceForHunger and tagging @SliceLife. Slice will donate $2.50, the average cost of a slice of pizza, to hunger relief.

Considering how often most of us eat pizza and post food photos to Instagram, this seems like the perfect opportunity to give back while doing almost literally nothing. When a charitable cause and indulging in our cheese cravings combine, only good can come of it.

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Photo via StockSnap/Pixabay