We’re *all* about DIY when it comes to our beauty products. Not only is it a fun pastime, it means we can control what we’re putting on our skin. Whether you’re a master or a newbie to the practice, there’s one product, in particular, that’s easy enough for anyone to make: lip scrubs. Every solution essentially boils down to two simple components — an exfoliator and a nourishing agent — that make for a killer combo in vanquishing chapped smackers forever. We’ve rounded up 25 delightful DIY scrubs you can make at home right now.

1. Grapefruit Lemonade Lip Scrub: This one’s got it all: A nice citrusy scent, moisturizing properties that come courtesy of its added coconut oil, and plenty of enzymes and antioxidants for cleansing and nourishing. (via A Beautiful Mess, Photos via Savannah K. Wallace)

2. Chocolate Butter Lip Scrub: Packed with brown sugar, shea butter, walnut oil, and cocoa powder, this chocolatey treat will gently remove dry skin while simultaneously hydrating. (via The Makeup Dummy)

3. Raspberry Lip Scrub: You’ll only need four raspberries to pull this DIY off, so you’ll have plenty left over for taste-testing. A new beauty product AND a sweet snack? Sounds like a win to us! (via Simply Stacie)

4. Coconut and Honey Lip Scrub: Using just four products from your kitchen cupboards — coconut oil, honey, sugar, and some water — you can make this mouthwatering scrub in less than five minutes. (via Hairspray & High Heels)

Homemade Lip Scrub with Cinnamon

5. Cinnamon Lip Scrub: Cinnamon is no longer just for French toast. You can also use the naturally stimulating ingredient in a lip scrub for an instant plumping sensation and seriously kissable lips. (via Hello Glow)

6. Bubblegum Lip Scrub: Combine sugar, olive oil, bubblegum flavoring, and some food coloring, if you’re feeling fancy, for a nostalgic trip back to your middle school days of blowing bubbles on the playground with this bright scrub. (via Hairspray & High Heels)

Homemade Natural Lib Scrub

7. Brown Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub: If fruity flavors aren’t your thing, keep it simple with this minimalistic recipe. It calls for basics such as brown and white sugar, honey, and olive oil for added moisture. (via Wonder Forest)

8. Strawberry Lip Scrub: This recipe couldn’t be easier, and you can customize the flavor with your favorite lip balm (though we’re partial to the featured strawberry). (via Queen of All You See)

Pumpkin Pie Edible Lip Scrub:

9. Pumpkin Pie Edible Lip Scrub:PSL season will last all year long with this delectable creation chock-full of the epic flavors of autumn. (via Hello Glow)

10. Blueberry Lip Scrub: Our mouths are literally watering at the sound of this blueberry, sugar, and sweet almond oil blend that’s mashed up with vitamin E for anti-aging. (via Bulk Apothecary)

11. Lime + Honey Homemade Lip Scrub: Put da’ lime in da coconut and rub it on your lips, and voila! Instant softness. (via Petit Elefant)

12. Vanilla Peppermint Lip Scrub: Invigorating peppermint joins forces with soothing vanilla for a one-two punch of lip-scrubbing perfection. (via Designed by Dawn Nicole)

13. Maple Almond Lip Scrub: We whipped up this maple almond recipe that smells just like Christmas morning — along with five other covetable lip smoothers — to suit all of your scrubbing needs. (via Brit + Co)

14. Aspirin Lip Scrub: We know the aspirin sounds a little suspect, but it’s actually an acetyl derivative of salicylic acid, which works with the sugar for some intense exfoliating action. (via Beautylish, photo via Getty)

15. Watermelon Lip Scrub: Get an instant dose of summer with this watermelon-flavored lip scrub, ideal for maintaining a chap-free smoocher on lazy poolside days. (via A Cultivated Nest)

16. Honey + Cinnamon Lip Scrub: Don’t get us wrong: We love our sweets. Reach for this honey and cinnamon mixture to add a little spice to your beauty routine. (via The Hippy Homemaker)


17. Ginger Snap Lip Scrub: Cornmeal and maple syrup may sound like odd ingredients to slather on your pout, but it’ll be worth it when your lips are silky smooth with the refreshing taste of ginger. (via Poppytalk)

18. Honey Almond Shea Lip Scrub: The shea butter found in this recipe makes for a less gritty way to slough off dead skin while the honey and almond give it a tantalizing flavor you’ll be more than happy to apply. (via The Beauty Milk)

19. Coconut Sugar Lip Scrub: Developed by McKell Hill, an RN and licensed dietician/nutritionist, this scrub uses three natural, high-quality ingredients meant to help turnover and regenerate new skin cells. In a word? Your kisser will be practically glowing. (via Nutrition Stripped)

20. Rosemary and Peppermint Lip Scrub: If you’re tired of the usual flavor suspects, switch things up with this fresh rosemary and peppermint duo, which will not only exfoliate but also help to freshen your breath. (via Brit + Co)

21. Coffee Lip Scrub: We can ALWAYS make room for more coffee in our life. Replace standard sugar with some grounds for a caffeine and antioxidant-packed scrub with fewer calories. (via Gorgeousmantra)

22. Tangerine Lip Scrub: A quick lip pick-me-up comes courtesy of this revitalizing five-ingredient scrub centered on the sweet, sweet nectar of tangerines. (via The Happy Housewife)

23. Peach Passion Lip Scrub: Not only is this quick DIY one of the prettiest on our list, it’s also one of the easiest. With just four simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to a pretty pucker. (via Savvy Naturalista)

24. Green Tea Lip Scrub: This one can be used all over and contains purposeful ingredients meant to reactivate damaged cells and fight against damaged skin (green tea), retain water (sugar), cleanse and nourish (olive oil and honey). Aah! (via Live Simply)

25. Rose Petal and Mint Lip Scrub: This floral mixture contains gentle exfoliating properties for a Bachelor-worthy pout. (via Simply Designing)

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With additional reporting by Nicole Briese

(Photo via Brit + Co)