Creating a stylish bohemian home means a little bit eclectic and a little modern, but always colorful and very fun. Perfect for those who like to mix it up with colors, textures and patterns, the bohemian look is very forgiving. You can throw any art pieces together, mix vintage with contemporary and mix colors and patterns. If you’re looking for some free-spirited home decor inspo, here are 30 unique boho homes that do a stellar job of combining bright colors and bold textures to create interiors full of personality.

1. Outdoor Living: This backyard oasis blends modern design with natural elements by incorporating a large paper chandelier and a wooden coffee table. Even the bright boho color palette doesn’t disturb the zen atmosphere going on in this space. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

2. Pattern Love: From a bold rug to patterned wallpaper and a gallery wall that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this cozy living room is bursting with character. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Mismatched Dining: Boho is the perfect look if you haven’t quite made it to dining set status yet. But then again, you might love the look so much you’ll stick with it forever. (via Jasna Janekovic)

4. Sophisticated Boho: If you think bohemian decor means messy clutter, think again. Consider this a stylish version of boho, with colorful tray tables, a bold floral rug and sleek seating options. (via Ryann Ford)

5. Mixing Styles: A little bit Scandinavian and a little bit boho, this living space is a refreshingly colorful oasis. We love the combination of brightly colored textiles and modern, clean furniture. (via Decor8)

6. Eclectic Home Office: We love everything about this home office, from the painted antique dining table to the retro chairs, and especially those ombre curtains. (via Skona Hem)

7. Coffee Station: We love the idea of having a dedicated area (shrine?) for coffee or tea. Complete with a colorful mug collection and tins of your favorite blend, a space like this will make waking up in the morning that much easier. (via Unsals)

8. Boho Breakfast Nook: Feeling more like your favorite coffee shop than a breakfast room, this would be the spot for late Sunday morning brunches and early morning coffee dates. (via Skona Hem)

9. Tribal Inspiration: Full of color, texture, comfort and style, this li’l dining area will make eating breakfast both a comfortable and happy occasion. (via Amber Interior Design)

10. Colorful Playroom: If you’ve got kids, you’ll never lack material for your boho gallery wall. (via Lonny)

11. Rustic Bathroom: Think outside the traditional bathroom rug and go for something with more color and texture. We’ll let you decide if you want antlers in your bathroom. (via Lonny)

12. Sunken Living Room: We think we could cozy up here for a whole weekend, surrounded by plants and throw pillows. (via Style Thirst)

13. Retro Touches: Super bright and airy, this space has incredible light, so the homeowners decided to bring in color with major pieces of furniture instead of painting or adding wallpaper. (via Emily Henderson)

14. Distressed Leather: Channeling some Eastern vibes, this living room knows how to use metallics in all the right places. (via Boho Baby Bump)

15. Vintage Kid Room: With colorful prints on the bed and up the wall, this bohemian look is perfect for a vintage kid’s room. (via Lonny)

16. Nordic Boho: If you just can’t quite warm up to completely white Scandinavian decor, add tapestries on the walls and floor cushions to make the space feel more inviting. (via Idea Interiors Montreal)

17. Mid-Century Accents: Floor-to-ceiling bookcases are the ideal space to showcase an assortment of books, collections and other treasured items. (via Lonny)

18. Eclectic Collectibles: Featuring a vibrant display of antique collectibles and accents that look like they were found while traveling the world, this living room does an excellent job of balancing textures. We also love the couch that’s spruced up with just a tribal blanket. (via The Design Files)

19. Blue Velvet: Unless you live in a yurt, you probably have a corner. And if you have a corner, you can turn it into a chic little reading nook with just a chair, a lamp and a small table or ottoman. Go on and treat yourself. (via Emily Henderson)

20. Paired Textures: Pairing a lavender velvet couch with lucite chairs is a bold move, but it definitely works in this fab space. Bonus points if you can spot the cute dog enjoying a peaceful nap. (via Lonny)

21. Quirky Lighting: Channeling some serious tropical vibes, this space makes us want to start swimsuit shopping. Or maybe try our hand at a DIY chandelier. (via Lil Red Dot Folks)

22. Neutral Industrial: Can you sense the European vibes in this loft from Spain? Even though there isn’t a lot of color, this neutral space is loaded with vintage elements that give it a unique character. (via Decor8)

23. Open Shelves: Bohemian decor just begs for little spaces to display treasures. Whether you collect plants or vases or just need some stylish storage options, open shelving is the way to go. (via Style at Home)

24. Utilize That Corner: You don’t need vast expanses of counter space to have a stylish kitchen. We approve of the use of open shelves and a sneaky little bar cart to add some more storage. (via Freunde von Freunden)

25. Rustic Simplicity: Everything in this cozy and comforting home was either a gift, thrifted or traded. The end result is a space that really feels warm and inviting — everything a home should be. (via Apartment Therapy)

26. Glam Boho: If a rocker chick and a boho girl decorated a place together, it might look something like this. There’s a lot to see here — pretty candles, lovely glassware, fun pillows — but everything has its own spot, so the effect is whimsical rather than cluttered. (via Apartment Therapy)

27. Bohemian Bedding: This bursting-with-color bedroom does a pro job of balancing brights with neutrals. If your walls are white, fill the room with color, or go crazy on the walls but keep the furniture and rugs on a more controlled palette. (via PopSugar)

28. Eclectic Treasures: Looking for some ideas on how to get that perfectly curated eclectic look? Consider a mix of metallics, natural wood pieces and tribal colors and textures to get the ultimate boho space. (via Domaine Home)

29. Hanging Seating: Cheerful and colorful, this living room’s use of vertical space, from the hanging plants to the hanging chair, is just right. (via Bohemian Vintage)

30. Layer Up: From layering floor rugs to bedding and pillows, create an authentic boho bed with so many layers you’ll never want to leave. (via The Home)

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