We’re pretty obsessed over stocking our spaces with all things green. This love for botanics is really a no-brainer: Indoor plants have been proven to help our health, purify the air and even increase focus. It’s a win-win situation, really. And just like us, our little hard-working friends need some cool digs too. We’ve rounded up a few of our absolute favorite pieces, perfect for your African violets, succulents and everything in between.

1. Brass Hexagon Planter ($63): If you’re looking glam up that greenery, this planter will take your collection to a whole other (gilded) level.

2. Dash Table Planter ($48): We’re obsessed with pattern play in our closets, so why not invite the plants to the party? This subtle dash print is sure to play nicely with the rest of your patterned pots.

3. Hex Spora ($32): Tiny succulents need a cool place to live too. Piece these little hexagon planters in a cluster or just place one atop your windowsill for a cool, modern look.

4. Pink and Green Geometric Planter ($38): Something colorful, geometric and perfect for our plant friends? Done, done and done. We can’t stop staring.

5. Sunshine Pot ($62): Even if your leafy friend doesn’t need any sunshine (cast iron plant FTW), this sweet planter is sure to brighten up your little green corner.

6. Lanky Alpine Ceramic Vase ($127): We’re not sure if it’s the geometric base or the sweetest little eyelashes, but we’re sold either way. This adorable conversation starter would look incredible on our credenza.

7. Large Cork Planter ($60): Need to introduce a little texture to your plant party? This large cork planter is just right for your cacti collection.

8. Eclipse Dot Vessel ($49): Some plants prefer polka dots. This bold pattern is sure to pop on your windowsill.

9. Patched Illustrated Vase ($106): With a piece this stunning, you’ll have no problem remembering to water whatever you keep in this eye-catching vase.

10. Pom Pom Planter ($300): You can bet we’ll be saving our pennies for this pom pom planter — talk about a decor pick-me-up!

How do you dress up your plants? Share in the comments below!