What a whirlwind. Let’s all take a minute to calm down from the collective craziness that was yesterday’s Apple event and reveal of the iPhone 7. (BTW: Woot woot! Go rumors! You were pretty much spot on.) Now that we’ve had some time to reflect on everything that happened yesterday, we’re coming away with one big takeaway: The way we take pictures on our phones is going to forever change.

girl taking photo of cruise liner

When the Instagram head of design came on stage yesterday, we knew the app was going to reveal something big. We didn’t realize that the reveal would be the start of our own photography careers (or, at least, that they’d be giving us the equipment to make us feel like we’re profesh). In the fall, Instagram will unveil a completely new filter, meant to take advantage of the iPhone 7’s wide color range. Actually, all of the app’s filters will get a reboot for the new camera features.

Also, if you’re a Boomerang addict like we are, it’s about to get even easier to make those short little videos. Instagram will soon take Live Photos and convert them into Boomerangs automatically. Plus, the iPhone 7’s telephoto lens will make shooting video so much easier. Watch out Instagram, we’re all about to up our game.

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(h/t MacRumors; photos via Getty)