There are some things in life that are deceptively simple, yet bring so much joy, like watercolor, updating your jewelry and making bread. The same is true for this new site that will make the bibliophiles out there jump for joy. Get read to conquer that TBR list with the help of this new site.

read is a bare-bones site that does exactly what it says it will. It’ll let you know — based on one simple factor — just how long it’ll take you to read a certain book. The first step is to use their search engine of over 12 million books (we tested it with popular tomes such as A Little Life, and lesser known titles, such as Honey Girl, both of which came up).


Once you’ve found your book, push the timer, and while reading at a normal speed, read the sample paragraph about your chosen book. Once you push stop, a window will pop up telling you not only how long it’ll take you to read the book, but what the average speed is for readers of that particular book. (It predicted taking us a speedy 4 hours and 28 minutes to finish the 700+ page A Little Life, but we are the definition of bookworms!)


From there, you can purchase the book in the same window, or even share your estimated reading time on social media. And that is literally it, folks! We love a website that does just what it says it’s going to — sometimes bells and whistles just aren’t needed.

Tell us your average reading time for some of the books on your “next up” list in the comments!