Today I opened up my email to the assignment of my nightmares — I had to write a clown costume tutorial. I immediately broke out in sweats and had a mild panic attack. You see, I (like many other people) am terrified of clowns. Thankfully, it wasn’t a group costume filled with many clowns — it was just Anj as a friendly clown — so my heart rate slowed back down… sort of. Bookmark this tutorial to create a super easy clown costume for Halloween. Bonus: Not only is it simple, but it’s also dirt cheap!


Head to a thrift store and find a striped shirt. The more colorful the better.


Then head to Party City or any other Halloween store, and purchase an oversized foam bow tie and a red foam nose.


For the hair, start by curling every piece with a spiral curling iron. Then back comb like crazy, pin it up like a typical clown wig, back comb again and then add a layer of hairspray to keep it in place.


She’s totally not scary at all (she said as she looked away from her computer screen).

What else would you add to this clown costume? Share your ideas in the comments!