Creativity is a tricky little devil — sometimes it flows and sometimes you have to almost beat it out of yourself. One thing is for sure though: Environment has a huge effect on creativity. While your surroundings won’t completely free you from a creative block, an inspired office space can make the process a whole lot easier. We’ve got 10 items that are sure to help inspire your creativity and get your next project out the door and into the world.

pillow cover

1. Handcrafted Home Geometric Pillow Cover ($40): A little color goes a long way with this geometric-patterned beauty that you can lay your head on when on a brainstorming streak occurs.


2. Paper Jam Press Everyday I’m Hustlin Tee ($38): Because sometimes creativity is hard work. Some days you simply have to hustle, and when you do, this is the perfect pullover to reflect your approach.

san terr

3. Brit + Co Sand Art Terrarium ($29): Colored sand, glitter and plant life combine to create some seriously awesome decor. Surrounding yourself with this kind of beauty is sure to get your creativity rockin’ and rollin’.


4. Duo Studio #Blessed Sign ($15): Even when you’re struggling to create, there’s a lot to be thankful for. This little wooden nugget will remind you every time you glance at it — we recommend using it to adorn your work desk.

time is meow

5. Print Liberation The Time Is Meow Tee ($24): As with all things, the temptation to procrastinate on your creative ambitions can be strong. When the urge to put things off strikes, toss this cat tee on and have a little giggle and find some motivation at the same time.

be grand

6. Artists District Co Be Grand Poster ($20): Of course you’re already as grand as they come, but this outdoorsy print will remind you to stay that way every single day and keep on makin’.

chalk candle

7. Mine Design Chalkboard Candle ($24): Whether you’ve got a goal you’re working toward or a quote about creativity that you love, scribbling it on this chalkboard candle is the way to go — you’ll be inspired every time you go to light it.

colorful pencils

8. Karen Kimmel Studios Colorful Pencils ($19): If you’ve got something to write, add a colorful touch to it with these crafty pencils. From love letters to to-do lists, these pretty things add a little flair to anything you scribble down.

gold dot tape

9. DIY Essentials Gold Dot Tape ($5): If something is broken, don’t just fix it — fix it and add style with this glorious golden dot tape. Pretty soon you’ll be looking for things to hold together just to have more of it in your life.


10. Seedling Visual Diary ($16): For chicas who need more than words to capture their thoughts and experiences, this visual diary will have you doodling away in no time at all.

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