We’ve heard of using spray powders to touch up your roots in a moment of desperation, and there are endless products you can buy to help add volume to your hair, from dry shampoo to old-school mousse. But, of course, we wanted to figure out a hack for boosting your locks with products that you already own. That’s why we were so intrigued when we heard girls were swearing by eyeshadow to make their hair look thicker. Per usual with our Beauty Mythbusters series, we wanted to give a tip like this that floats around the web a real-life go to see whether it’s a bust or a beauty must. As someone with thin hair, our Senior DIY editor Roxy was the perfect candidate to try this out. Here’s how it went!


How to Use Eyeshadow to Make Your Hair Fuller


Use an angled shadow brush to pick up whatever eyeshadow will complement your hair color, which will typically be a shade *darker* than your natural color. For Roxy, we’re using black shadow because her hair is a deep espresso brown. The reason you want to go darker than your natural hair color is because a deeper hue will create a shadow that will give the illusion of that depth you’re after.


Start applying the shadow where your part begins, then lift up thin sections of hair on either side of your part and apply to your head. Continue until you’ve gone past the top of your head.


Once the shadow is applied, set your fingers at the roots of your hair and shake em’ throughout your strands to help the powder spread into your roots more naturally.

To finish, use a fine-tooth comb to blend the powder into your hair even more. This step is going to help give the powder a more gradual blended effect versus just having this deep pigment at the base that may end up looking obviously placed.


Did it Work?!


Dang! It ABSOLUTELY worked! Roxy was immediately excited to see her hair look so refreshed and full!




As a fine-haired gal myself, this is a trick that I personally have been using for years — and not just for added faux volume, but also to hide your root outgrowth. For that, just use a shadow that is closer to your actual hair color. For both of those reasons, this hack is definitely a go-to that we can stand behind!

What beauty trends/hacks should we test out for you? Share in the comments section below and I would love to make it happen and report back to y’all!

Creative Direction/Hair/Makeup: Misty Spinney
 Styling: Kate Puhala
 Photography: Kurt Andre
 Model: Roxy Taghavian