One of our favorite pieces of equipment here at Brit HQ is our laser cutter. This machine can seriously do it all! It can cut and etch almost any surface and helps us create beautiful projects. We recommend doing a Google search for facilities that offer access to their laser cutter. You can check out TechShop, which is in San Francisco, Austin and many other cities, as well as more local places like DangerAwesome! in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Check out our shop to see what other makers are creating with laser cutters.



– wood


– paint

– painters’ tape

letter stencil


– glue gun

– paint brush



1. Open up the bookend stencil file in Illustrator and scale to the size you want.

2. Cut your desired letters out of wood using the laser cutter.

3. Grab your paint and tape to create a fun colorful design on the wood.

4. Attach to the bookends using hot glue.


Laser cutters are amazing. They provide incredibly detailed cutouts of so many materials. To start your project, open up the .PDF file in Illustrator and adjust the size of the lettered shape to fit your bookend. Send it over to the laser cutter and then print.


Grab your painter’s tape and lay down a dramatic diagonal line. Paint each side with your favorite palette of bright colors.


Use hot glue to attach basic bookends to the back of the wooden letter.


Custom bookends for Brit HQ!


Have you heard we wrote a book!? Buy your copy here and then check out our book shop to fill the space between your new bookends.


Our bookends were inspired by the lovely minds at Present & Correct. Check out their collection to get you inspired to create your own design or alphabet.


Whatever you do, just keep making!

Share all your creations with us using the hashtag #iamcreative. Don’t forget to leave all your questions and comments below!