In a recent Vogue interview with the legendary Donatella Versace, the designer was asked, “Which Italian word do you wish English speakers would stop saying incorrectly?” to which she replied emphatically, “Ver-sah-chee. It’s Ver-sah-che.” You hear that, world? It’s Versace, with a soft Italian “e.” And so, to help you never commit a faux pas in front of Donatella Versace, here’s your guide on how to pronounce all those high-end designer names correctly… just in time for fashion month.

Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace for Atelier Versace acknowledges the audience at the end of the 2016-2017 fall/winter Haute Couture collection fashion show on July 3, 2016 in Paris. / AFP / PATRICK KOVARIK (Photo credit should read PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images)

1. Ann Demeulemeester: an de-MYOO-le-mes-ter

2. Azzedine Alaïa: A-zeh-deen a-LAI-ah

3. Balenciaga: bah-len-see-A-gah

4. Balmain: bal-MAHN (with the “n” so soft, it’s almost silent) 

5. Christian Lacroix: KREEST-yahn luh-KWA

6. Christian Louboutin: KREEST-yahn loo-boo-TAHN (again, with the soft “n”)

7. Comme des Garçons: cohm day gar-SOHN

8. Dries Van Noten: dreez van NOH-ten

9. Ermenegildo Zegna: air-MEN-eh-gil-do ZEHN-ya

10. Givenchy: zhee-von-shee

11. Hedi Slimane: ED-ee sli-MAAN

12. Hermès: air-MEZ

13. Hervé Léger: air-VAY la-ZHAY (or la-ZHER, depending on who you ask)

14. Issey Miyake: IH-see mee-YAH-key

15. Jean-Paul Gaultier: zhawn pall GOH-tee-ay

16. Junya Watanabe: JOON-ya wa-ta-NA-bee

17. Lanvin: lahn-VAHN (soft “n”)

18. Loewe: Loh-WEV-eh

19. Louis Vuitton: LOO-ee VWEE-tahn (soft “n” again)

20. Marchesa: mar-KAY-zah

21. Mary Katrantzou: mary ka-TRAHNT-tzoo

22. Moschino: mohs-KEE-no

23. Narcisco Rodriguez: nar-SEE-soh rah-DREE-gez

24. Nicolas Ghesquière: NEE-koh-la GEHS-kyair

25. Olivier Rousteing: oh-LEE-vee-yay roo-STAYN

26. Olivier Theyskens: oh-LEE-vee-ay TAY-skins

27. Prabal Gurung: PRUH-bel GOOH-rung

28. Proenza Schouler: pro-EN-zuh SKOOL-er

29. Rochas: ROW-shahs

Atmosphere during the Rodarte Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018 show as part of Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week on July 2, 2017 in Paris, France.

30. Rodarte: row-DAR-tay

31. Roland Mouret: ROH-lahnd MOOR-ray

32. Sonia Rykiel: SOH-nya ree-kee-ELL

33. Thakoon: TAH-koon

34. Thierry Mugler: teer-EE moo-GLER

35. Versace: ver-SAH-che

36. Vetements: vet-MAHN (soft “n”)

37. Yohji Yamamoto: YOH-jee ya-ma-MOh-toh

38. Yves Saint Laurent: eve san lau-RAHN (again, soft “n”)

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(Photos via PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP, Peter White, Estrop/Getty )