Forget fad diets. There’s a new trend on the horizon, and it’s Gwyneth Paltrow-approved. No, it’s not some crazy, outrageous thing that got left off the 2016 GOOP gift guide, but rather a totally new way to catch some zzz’s. According to an article in the Daily Mail, Gwyneth’s latest healthy habit is clean sleeping. Yeah, we had no idea either.

In the article, Gwyneth and the GOOP editors write that clean sleeping means getting at least seven or eight (ideally up to 10) hours of good quality sleep. They compare it slightly to clean eating — which, spoiler, Gwyneth is also a big fan of — and argue that sleep can affect your energy levels and appetite more than your diet.


But, of course, it wouldn’t be a Gwyneth-approved trend if she didn’t do her research, adding, “My nutrition expert Dr. Frank Lipman has explained to me that poor-quality sleep can be unsettling for the metabolism and hormones, which can lead to weight gain, bad moods, impaired memory and brain fog, as well as serious health concerns such as inflammation and reduced immunity (which can increase your risk of chronic disease).”

If clean sleeping sounds like something you want to try — really, who doesn’t want quality sleep? — check out these tips from Devi Brown, founder of retail and self-discovery brand Karma Bliss and certified in Primordial Sound Meditation by The Chopra Center.


1. Count from 100 to one. According to Devi, meditation comes in all shapes and sizes. Much like counting sheep until you fall asleep, it’s a simple, effective form that works because you have to visualize and focus on something other than sleeplessness. But Devi has another option to update this dated method. “To try this time-tested exercise, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, visualize and count 100 of your favorite animal (doesn’t have to be a sheep!) starting at 100 and ending at one. You should be more relaxed (and hopefully almost asleep) by the time you reach one.”

2. Repeat your mantra. “Create a personal mantra such as ‘I am enough’ and repeat it to yourself over and over until you feel relaxed. It will help clear your mind of other thoughts and prepare you for a good night’s rest.”

3. Find your happy place. Or person! Devi explains that the key here is to close your eyes and focus on what that person, place or thing that brings you happiness looks like. She adds, “For instance, are you on a quiet white sand beach? What does the ocean look like? Are there big waves? Is the sand warm? Can you see boats or an island in the distance? How do you feel? Are you warm? In the shade? Let your mind wander as you are taken to a place that makes you feel relaxed and content.”

4. Visualize. “No matter what type of sleeper you are, take advantage of the moments when you’re still awake (vs. being frustrated with yourself for not being asleep) to visualize what the best version of you looks like. Who is that person? What do you act like? What makes you unique? Why are you special? Breathe into that version of yourself, and then try to fall asleep as that person. It will help your dreams and your overall perception of yourself when you wake up.” Sounds like #winning from the time you close your eyes at night to the time you wake up in the morning.

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(h/t Daily Mail; photos via Getty/Mike Windle)