If you have a style you love, decorating is聽easy. You search for mid-century modern聽or shabby chic or whatever your jam is, and go to town. If you like a little of everything, however, the options can become overwhelming, and mixing聽them all together can get a bit鈥 messy. That鈥檚 the position Olivia Wetterau, an architecture and interior design student at UCLA, found herself in when she was putting together her Venice Beach townhouse. Wetterau says there鈥檚 no one word that describes her style. Instead, she defines it as, 鈥淎 touch of glam, a hint of mid-century modern, a bit of maximalism, and some California casual.鈥

To make it cohesive, Wetterau used the Hutch app (the free interior design app is available on iTunes and Google Play). Virtual design apps 鈥 Houzz and Wayfair聽both offer their own augmented reality apps that let you聽envision goods in your home 鈥 can be a great way to experiment with new furnishings and looks when you鈥檙e trying something a little less paint-by-numbers.聽For Wetterau, using the app let her create an聽eclectic oasis聽with a feel聽that鈥檚 straight-up cool.

She said her biggest challenge was creating a living area separate from the kitchen within her open floor plan. Blocking out the space with the couch, as well as delineating the living space with the black-and-white rug (a Hutch app find), lets the two areas coexist harmoniously but聽distinctly.

And using an app led her in some surprising directions. Wetterau was definitely not thinking pink as she began her process. But being able to聽see how聽those pops of pink would actually look in her space聽made her reconsider. 鈥淚 never saw myself having a lot of pink elements, [but] when I began finding things I liked, it started naturally turning into this fun and feminine space, which I initially didn鈥檛 expect,鈥 she said.

We鈥檇 say the whole space exceeds expectation.

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(Photos via Hutch)