Nothing screams summer like ice cream, and we know you鈥檙e screaming for it, too. We just can鈥檛 wait any longer for the sweet tunes of the ice cream truck to round our street corner, and to watch our sky-high cone melt right before our eyes. We need it now and we鈥檙e ready to enjoy it with all of our friends and family. Enough with the waiting鈥 check out these 19 must-haves for an epic ice cream party so you can get right to planning!

1.聽Strawberry Ice Cream: An ice cream party needs the standard vanilla and chocolate, but you might want to also consider a fruity addition to mix things up a little bit. Grab some strawberries and make your own homemade version! (via聽The Gastronomic Bong)

2. Rainbow Polka Dot Ice Cream Cups聽($14): Please don鈥檛 tell us you were going to use regular ol鈥 bowls. Fancy ice cream cups, preferably ones with bright colors and patterns, are a must.

3.聽DIY Ice Cream Cone Holder: For your cone-loving friends, get out your tools and DIY this adorable cone holder. Nothing like a little equity before indulging in some ice cream. (via聽Wedding Clan)

4.聽Ice Cream Garland ($7 and up): Grab a line and start stringing. You will already have enough time-consuming projects to DIY, so avoid the fuss over the decor and quickly dress the walls with ice cream.

5.聽Ice Cream Sprinkle Zipper Clutch聽($56): Even ice cream parties require chic accessories. Grab an ice cream cone clutch and make everyone jealous.

6.聽Ice Cream Cone Pinata ($55): If you ate too much ice cream and are cursing its name, we have an answer for you. Give this pi帽ata a good smack to show just how mad you are. You鈥檒l probably even burn some cals while you鈥檙e at it!

7.聽Vintage Ice Cream Spoon Set ($33): You probably can鈥檛 buy one of these vintage spoons for each of your guests, but they would sure look cute on display. Keep them for the after-party and show your other half which ice cream is yours!

8.聽DIY Tassel Ice Cream Spoons: These spoons are much more affordable for your guests (and way cute). All you need to do to add a little pizzazz is throw some tassels on the end. (via Studio DIY)

9.聽Ice Cream Cone Balloons: How fun are these ice cream balloons? The best part about them is that they鈥檙e just regular balloons with a little paper wrapped around the bottom. (via聽The Chic Site)

10.聽DIY Ice Cream Cone Tray: For a classy party with service, your guests definitely won鈥檛 mind grabbing an ice cream off of this fun tray. (via聽Alice and Lois)

11.聽Printable Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Wrappers: The homemade strawberry ice cream will be such a hit that it鈥檒l need its own matching wrapper. Print your own and start wrapping your cones! (via聽Design Eat Repeat)

12.聽Black and White Ice Cream: This ice cream brings everyone to the yard, not just the boys. Chocolate and vanilla are the perfect base for any topping your heart desires. (via聽Free Range Cookies)

13.聽Homemade Chocolate Magic Shell: There isn鈥檛 much more magical than the magical shell. Get out your inner magician and give your guests exactly what they want. (via聽The Comfort of Cooking)

14.聽Salted Caramel Sauce: Meet the sexy sister of last season鈥檚 caramel topping, the salted caramel sauce for drizzling. (via聽American Heritage Cooking)

15.聽Patriotic Ice Cream Cones: Show your聽patriotic pride聽with some stylish cones. Just dip the ends in melted chocolate and roll them in red, white and blue. (via聽Noble Pig)

16.聽Hot Fudge Sauce: This may be a no-brainer, but it is still the topping of all toppings. The sauce of all sauces. (via聽Simply Gourmet)

17.聽Wine Glass Toppings: Parties are all about the display, and you don鈥檛 want to just throw the toppings anywhere. Place them in wine glasses with spoons to make sure your guests will feel fancy as they stuff themselves with sweets. (via聽Elizabeth Anne Designs)

18.聽Ice Cream Cone Cookies: Not everyone likes ice cream (gasp!), so it wouldn鈥檛 hurt to have another dessert option at the party. Make sure you stick with the theme and whip up some ice cream cookies. (via聽Kara鈥檚 Party Ideas)

19.聽Paper Punch Ice Cream Cones: Making leftovers for friends to take home? Add a pretty paper ice cream cone tag to personalize your party favor. (via聽Damask Love)

Will you be hosting an ice cream party this summer? Which of these must-haves will you be sure to include? Tell us in the comments or Tweet us about it!聽