Furniture shopping is weird. Even if you’re organized, you have a list of measurements and an idea of what you want in your apartment or home, but when you get to the store, it’s hard to visualize exactly what a piece will look like in your space. And if you’re flipping through a catalog or ordering online, you don’t have a great idea of what the furniture actually looks like from the static images. IKEA’s new catalog app will solve all those problems and make furniture shopping, dare we say it, fun by transforming your living room in front of your eyes!

Here’s how it works. You start by scanning the pages of the physical catalog that you think might work for you. Scan a couch, say, or a table and chairs with your smartphone or tablet. Then, put the catalog wherever in your room you want to “try out” the furniture.

In the app, the catalog transforms before your eyes into the piece that you’ve scanned. So you get to see what your design plan will look like from the comfort of your own home… with just a catalog and your iPhone!

We’re loving that this mixes the high-tech of an app with the low-tech of a catalog. It’s great for seeing the pieces that will work for your space as well as those that won’t. Better than just measuring your space and knowing something literally fits, you can see whether a certain dresser will “fit” with your existing furniture and aesthetic. Then, you can either purchase online, knowing exactly what you’re getting, or go to the store and pick up the exact piece with no worries it’ll end up clashing with your decor. We’re dying to try it out and can’t wait until the new catalog is released!

What do you think about IKEA’s new catalog option? Will you use it next time you’re furniture-shopping? Talk to us in the comments below.