When it comes to upgrading your kitchen into the cooking space you’ve always wanted, a few IKEA hacks here and there can get the job done in no time. Considering how popular some of these IKEA items are, don’t be surprised if you own more than one of these already (which means these DIYs will save you stacks on stacks). To help you save money while revamping your kitchen space, we’ve scoured the internet for the chicest IKEA makeovers for the kitchen. Keep scrolling for 17 IKEA kitchen hacks you’ll want to try RN!

pastels and macarons step stool

1. Step Stool DIY: Freshen up a basic IKEA step stool into a modernized chic version with something as simple as a paint job. To ensure your color stays vibrant throughout the years, apply primer before the paint. (via Pastels and Macarons)


2. Trivet Tray DIY: This DIY turns an otherwise boring wooden tray into a simple chic trivet tray without the fuss of glitter or other embellishments. It’s really as simple to make as it looks: Start from the center and work your way around using rope, E6000 glue or another strong adhesive as you go. (via Dream Green DIY)

ikea bar stools

3. DIY Bar Stools: Originally all black, these once-plain bar stools were given a modern upgrade with a touch of gold paint. To keep the stools looking as fresh as the day you painted them, spray them with a couple of coats of clear gloss polyurethane for the final step. (via Melodrama)

4. DIY Graphic Pastel Cork Coasters: Using tape, create different types of designs on the cork coasters. Paint the uncovered areas with bright pops of color, let dry and gently pull off the tape, which will leave you with beautifully colorful graphic coasters. (via IKEA)


5. Wallpaper Stool DIY: Removable wallpaper always proves its worth, whether with easy wall decor or DIY prints. In this case, the versatile gem of crafters is used to turn these IKEA stools into completely unrecognizable and stylish stools. (via This Little Street)

bar cart

6. Bar Cart DIY: This IKEA utility cart (which runs about $30) now looks like it belongs somewhere in the $100+ range. To make over your utility cart into a glam bar cart like this one, spray the metal furnishings with gold paint and cover the surfaces with marble contact paper. Once it’s dry, deck it out with your finest liquor and bar accessories. (via Ruth Ellen Photography / Style Me Pretty)


7. Hanging Wall Rack DIY: Can you believe this rack was once a part of a bedframe? Talk about getting creative! Attach the rack to your wall with wall hooks and voila — you’ve got a one-of-a-kind means of kitchen storage on your wall. (via Ich Designer)

uptodateinteriors canisters

8. Glass Canister DIY: Turn IKEA’s DROPPAR jars into things of practical beauty with a coat of copper paint and labels made of chalkboard paint. For a less bronze-y look, opt for a gold finish. Or, if you like the cool tone of the original silver lids, leave as-is and simply add the chalkboard labels. (via Up to Date Interiors)


9. Cabinet DIY: If you dig the sleek and uniform look of this kitchen, it’s thanks to the made-over cabinets. Painted a matte black and fitted with the same handles as the metal appliances, the resulting streamlined look is both minimalist and modern. (via Dwell)


10. Burned IKEA Cork Trivet DIY: Go all out with making over IKEA’s cork trivets by busting out the wood burner. First, turn your designs into stencils, then trace the design onto the trivets and finally get burnin’! (via Where the Smiles Have Been)

11. DIY Pendant Light Fixture With Steel Rods: Transform IKEA’s cord pendant light fixtures by reinforcing the cord with hollow steel rods. Though cutting the rod and disassembling/reassembling the lights might require extra effort, every step will have been worth it once your new lights look as chic as these. (via Tidbits)


12. Island Charging Station: This hack actually includes quite a number of IKEA products, like the flatware caddy, hook, wire basket with handle and potted faux plants. Though the items here are all from IKEA, it’s completely up to you if you want to use alternative products in place of the ones mentioned here. (via Hometalk)


13. Kitchen Shelves: Instantly update your kitchen shelves into gorgeous modern furnishings by spray painting your shelf brackets gold. Though the detail seems tiny, it’ll make a *huge* difference in having your kitchen reflect your sophisticated style. (via Design Manifest)

leather pulls

14. DIY Leather Cabinet Handles: Replace your kitchen handles for leather ones like this DIY decorista did here. It’s different… Which is often a good thing. Here, it’s a great thing. (via Lonny)

mug rack

15. Mug Holder Hack: If you haven’t already turned the IKEA GRUNDTAL rail into a mug holder, don’t miss this hack. Just be sure to glam it up a bit first with gold spray paint. As elegant as anything spray painted in metallic colors turns out, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty low-effort and easy way to upgrade your space. (via Swoon Worthy)

painted ikea clock

16. DIY Painted IKEA Clock: Both practical and pretty, this turquoise-painted IKEA clock is the right way to brighten up your kitchen space. The retro pop of color adds a little modern chic influence for a happy compromise. (via The Paper Mama)

oliver and rust ikea hack

17. Marble Kitchen Cart DIY: This adorable kitchen cart-turned-marble island was achieved with a fresh coat of paint and a fresh marble top. Take on the challenge if you want an island as elegant and refined as this one. (via Oliver and Rust)

Which of these IKEA kitchen hacks did you love most? Check us out on Pinterest for more DIY ways to decorate the home!