Leave it to IKEA to make a smart mirror that鈥檚 sure to put anyone in a sunny disposition and banish all future cases of the Mondays. The Motivational Mirror is a promotional prototype on display at IKEA鈥檚 London store, created to perk up national morale and help raise self esteem across the country. Research shows that 49% of Britons don鈥檛 receive any compliments in an average week. Well, time to cheer up, buttercups! We think this Stuart Smalley-approved mirror, which pays you compliments (in a British accent!) would be the perfect complement to your entryway, bedroom or closet.

Myriam Ruffo, Head of Bedrooms and Bathrooms, IKEA UK + Ireland, said, 鈥淲e all know how that first look in the bathroom or bedroom mirror can determine whether we have a good or bad day. That鈥檚 why we thought 鈥 wouldn鈥檛 it be great if the mirror actually told you something positive for a change?鈥 A positive pep talk to start the day? We鈥檒l take it!

We know, you鈥檙e probably thinking, 鈥淗ow does it know what you look like?鈥 Thanks to a combination of Kinect motion sensor technology and customized code, the mirror is designed to deliver personalized messages to shoppers passing by, depending on what they鈥檙e wearing and how they look. Despite what you think you see in your reflection, this mirror鈥檚 positive feedback is sure to leave you feeling chipper enough to take on any day. IKEA鈥檚 latest social experiment is an item we most certainly want in our homes and work spaces, STAT. Unfortunately, for now, there鈥檚 only one working prototype in the London store, but we鈥檙e hoping to see the furniture giant make this as much as an IKEA mainstay as the LACK.

Even if you can鈥檛 get over to London to get your compliment, just know that you鈥檙e good enough, you鈥檙e smart enough and gosh darn it, we like you.

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(h/t AdWeek)