The color-dipped trend has been making waves for a while on the interior design scene, and you know we love a block of color wherever we can get it. We teamed up with Target to take the essential bar stool up a notch… or three! This is all part of our series on ways to rock your registry, from donut hole bars to mandolines, with a beverage station or two in between.

When you’re embarking on creating your registry, we recommend arming yourself with the basics. Couple that with a few of our favorite DIY tricks, and it’s easy to personalize your home for you and your partner, no matter what your style. Now, let’s get dipping!

 wooden stools ($16 each!)

– teal spray paint

– sky blue spray paint

– white spray paint

– matte finish spray paint top coat

 – painter’s tape

 1. Tape off your stool in whatever pattern you like.

2. Spray paint!

3. Let dry for 20 minutes.

4. Spray a top coat of matte finish.
5. Peel off tape, and you’re done!

We went with a springy cool color palette for our trio of stools, but you can choose whatever color you like. Be sure to top each design off with a top coat, since your feet will likely kick the bottom of your stools, making them more susceptible to chipping.

These are three varieties we made. Follow each simple tutorial below to see for yourself!


We’ll kick things off with a basic dipped design. This is a super popular DIY trick that you’ve likely seen elsewhere on the web. And no, you’re not about to literally dip a stool in a can of paint.

1. Tape off your stool. Use a tarp or plastic bags to protect the top of the stool.

2. Spray paint!
3. Spray a top coat of matte finish.
4. Peel off tape, and voila!

Amazing what a dip of paint can do, right?


Next up, stripes! The pattern that’s always in acts as a different type of “dipped” look.

1. Tape off your stool. Stripes, stripes, stripes!

2. Spray paint!

3. Spray a top coat of matte finish.

4. Peel off tape, and voila!

Gotta love those stripes! :)


Finally, we’ve got a trendier take on the dip.

1. Tape off your stool.

2. Spray a layer of mint at the bottom.
3. Spray a layer of blue in the middle.
4. Spray a layer of white at the top.

5. Spray a top coat of matte finish.
6. Peel off tape, and voila!


Which of these three styles is your favorite? What’s on your registry list? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.