Young designers may lack the prestige and patina of more seasoned artists, but experienced designers Roberto Hoz and Marta Bernstein harness that imaginative youth. The first home collection from their Italian design lab Incipit is all about embracing the art of play and is coming to you straight from a crowdfunded campaign.

The lab’s mission is to encourage collaboration and capture the multidisciplinary spirit of the Italian Renaissance. To do this, they treat young artists not as interns or assistants but as respected creators. That means artists get real contracts, royalties and unforgettable experiences in every stage of creating real-life products from design to manufacturing and distribution.

With a mission focused on youth and innovation, it’s no surprise that their first collection of home goods is clever and whimsical. Somehow they’ve accomplished designs that are elegant and sophisticated while keeping them curious and fun. We love that the calendar is hands-on and gamified, bringing an interesting way to watch time wind by.

The designers keep their materials minimal crafting their projects mostly from marble, ceramic and metal, glass and wood. But they also needed paper… money, that is. Like many experimental creative endeavors, Incipit funded their first project with crowdfunding.

And we can’t wait to find places to clip this adorable clock!

Browsing through these intriguing designs, it’s clear that this is only the beginning for this young studio. In fact, “incipit” is Latin for “the beginning.” Founders Hoz and Bernstein say, “The great thing about being at the beginning is that we have endless possibilities.” There’s no doubt that this will open many doors for these young designers and bring more attention to Italian design.

You’ll be able to shop the collection in the coming months. Until then, continue to swoon your way through their catalogue.

What do you think these young minds should create with their next collection? Let is know in the comments!

(h/t Design Milk)