This year has been an epic one for baby names. We’ve seen the rise of gender-neutral names, the return of old-fashioned names and even heard a few very creative options along the way. And even though we’re still a few weeks shy of the end of the year, a baby boy born in Deoli, a city in south Delhi, has just taken the cake for craziest baby name of 2015.


According to the Independent, after the baby’s mother went into labor, she called an ambulance, but lo and behold, the ambulance never showed up. She then called an Uber, and on the way to the hospital, the Uber driver, a brave fellow named Babli Shahnawaz, ended up helping to deliver the baby himself. The driver told Times of India that the woman was in a great deal of pain (obvs) and her friends “didn’t know what to do,” and so right in the backseat of the car, he and her pals “pulled out the towels from the seats and poured some drinking water into a bowl. The child was born within minutes.”

The woman was so grateful, she decided to let the driver name her son. And the driver decided to name the baby Uber, after his employer. Yes, Uber. There is literally a little itty bitty baby in south Delhi, India named after a taxi rideshare company.

What a strange and beautiful world we live in.

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(h/t Independent, photo via Getty)