City living offers a plethora of things to do. You will never run out of restaurants to try, concerts to watch, events to attend or taxis to take. But you might be missing some greenery in your life. Those high-rises don’t leave much room for redwood trees, and your shared outdoor space is not the most conducive for your vegetable garden. But there is hope for some plants in your life! We’ve shown you how to display your plants but now we are here to give you the lowdown on which plants will actually survive indoors. And with a bit of love and care, you can have some new roommates that don’t leave dishes in the sink or hog the TV. What are you waiting for?

1. Peace Lily: This pretty plant reduces air pollution, doesn’t need direct light or much water and blooms a beautiful white flower. Water it every once in a while, send it some good vibrations and you’ll have a peaceful and happy house plant. (via Annie’s Gardens)

2. Spider Plant: These green leaves with white stripes are best displayed hanging. They are popular house plants because they easily adapt to temperatures, as low as 35 degrees F and as high as 90 degrees F. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Indoor Bonsai Tree: Wall artwork is out, living artwork is in. Grab yourself a bonsai. It was originally a Japanese art form. Its primary use is for contemplation, so start staring at one today. And water it every once in a while why don’t ya? (via Soothing Company)

4. Rubber Tree: Looking for a tall drink of water? Well, dreams can come true. Get yourself a rubber tree that will stand as high as eight feet tall. Keep him happy and leave him near some sunlight. (via iVillage)

5. Jade Plant: With nicknames such as friendship tree, money tree and lucky plant, we don’t think you can go wrong. Buy one today and let us know what good things happen! (via Wikipedia)

6. Snake Plant: You’ve probably seen this guy before… and that’s probably because it’s perfect for apartments. It’s technically a succulent, so it doesn’t need much water, but it also doesn’t need much light. Sounds unkillable to us! (via The Girl Creative)

7. Philodendren: The Greek translation means “love tree,” and really, what’s not to love? The house plant varieties like to climb or hang, so choose what’s best for your living space. (via BHG)

8. Zebra Plant ($50): Put on your animal prints and hang out with this zebra plant today. The green and white stripes will look stylish in any apartment. (via Demo Store)

9. Begonia: Have a friend with a begonia? Take a cutting and start your own! It’s like having a grown-up friendship bracelet in plant form. (via Apartment Therapy)

10. Indoor Herb Garden: City living boasts wonderful restaurants, but when you want some good home cooking, you are going to need some fresh herbs. Make your own windowsill herb garden today! (via Bonnie’s Plants)

11. Lavender: People pay big bucks for lavender scented candles, sachets and spray. But why not just have the real deal? (via Gardenista)

12. Bamboo: They sure taste good in our Thai food, but they also look great too! These green shoots are a great addition to any coffee table. (via Falling Pixel)

13. Fern: You might want to get two so you can sit between them and interview your guests when they come over. (via BHG)

14. Succulents: Succulents have taken over when it comes to trendy indoor plants. Probably because they can endure extended periods of drought. We think they look best in a DIY terrarium. (via Succulents and Sunshine)

15. Cactus: If you kill a cactus, we don’t know if there is any hope for you. You can deprive it of water for days or months and still have a healthy, prickly plant. (via Home My Design)

What house plants have survived your indoor city garden? Let us know in the comments below!