Before we can enjoy any beautiful May flowers, we have to get through the April showers. Soggy weather can throw a serious crutch in our workout plans when our cardio activities are outside the gym (like hitting the trails), and our yoga practice is going down outdoors. So next time the sky turns gray and the rain starts pounding down, just grab your workout gear and head over to YouTube to check out any one of these seven killer workouts you can do from the comfort of home. Feel free to invite your workout friend in from the rain for extra motivation.


1. Fun Indoor Cardio Workout: Cassey wants us all to pretend like we’re at a dance club for this workout, and considering that’s how we like to live our lives in general, this 10-minute indoor cardio workout is super fun (but actually really hard too). (via blogilates)


2. 32-Minute Home Cardio Workout With No Equipment: Get ready to sweat. With this video, you’re going to be doing a body-weight only cardio workout that follows a 45-second workout to 15-second rest format. Your heart will be pumping hard. (via FitnessBlender)


3. Yoga for Complete Beginners: Calling all beginners! Adriene talks you through a complete sequence that doesn’t require anything but an open mind, an open heart and 20 minutes of your time. (via Yoga With Adriene)


4. Chair Moves to Tone Your Legs and Butt: Who knew your dining room chair was so crucial to getting tighter legs and a toned butt? Perfect for you ladies living in small spaces, this quick two-and-a-half-minute video gets you in and out in no time. (via CosmoBody)


5. 6 Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs: All you need for this six moves in six minutes workout with Nike master trainer Rebecca Kennedy are a resistance band and dumbbells. (via SHAPE Magazine)


6. 5-Minute Workout for Abs & Butt: Three exercises done in just five minutes is what Zuzka calls a “lazy workout,” but trust us, it’ll feel anything but lazy once you’re a few minutes in. Prepare to feel the buuuurn. (via Zuzka Light)


7. Fat-Burning Indoor Cardio Workout: The size of your yoga mat is all the space you need for this two round, 20-minute cardio routine with Kym. She’ll lead you through ten moves for one minute each, repeated twice. (via KymNonStop)

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