If you long for a flawless, “I woke up like this” face in the morning, getting rid of your dark circles is the first step. You could turn to one of the corrective concealers, eye creams, face masks, or eye patches in your vanity, but a new procedure claims to solve the problem in just one visit. Garo Kassabian, a Beverly Hills-based celebrity plastic surgeon and the founder of Lift MD Aesthetics, created EyeBright ($4,500), a minimally invasive technique that brightens the under-eye area with little to no downtime.

What may not come as a shock to most of us: Dark circles get harder to conceal over time. “As we age, we lose the volume under the eye area, which can create the appearance of dark circles, making us look old and tired,” Kassabian explains. His EyeBright treatment boosts the volume of the region by injecting a custom blend of hyaluronic acid filler to the tear trough, the area that begins below the inner eye and ends across your cheek. The hydrophilic filler does away with a shadowy, sunken appearance by attracting water molecules that plump your eye hollows. (Photo via Casarsa/Getty)

The difference between EyeBright and the typical placement of underye filler is largely due to Kassabian’s “needle-free” technique. Most doctors select their preferred filler, or blend of fillers, like JuveDerm or Restylane, then inject the under-eye area with a sharp needle at up to five sites. Kassabian believes this is unnecessarily detrimental to the skin because of the increased risk of tissue damage and the potential for bruising, swelling, and downtime with each needle poke. “When an injector uses a needle, excessive bruising can occur, and blood can become integrated with the filler, causing even more darkness under the eyes [and] emphasizing the darkness issue,” he warns.

The EyeBright process begins with numbing the face because #needles. Kassabian then snakes a soft, malleable instrument via a point beneath the eye and finesses filler into precise, symmetrical positioning. Results are instantaneous and last for months depending on how quickly the patient’s body metabolizes the filler. So basically the following day you really can say that you woke up like this. (Photo via LiftMD)

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