Remember that dark period last year when Instagram thoroughly cleaned house and removed millions of spam accounts? It was dark mainly for all the followers we lost. (RIP) Well, this is not that time. If you woke up over the weekend with hundreds of thousands of new followers, it’s sadly not because your photo filtering skillz have gotten so elite that people are taking notice or that you’ve become a legit style icon like these two tiny BFFs. It’s also not because you actually gained any new followers, real or bots. It’s all thanks to a glitch in the system that changed the numbers on your profile.

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Unfortunately, TechCrunch confirmed that the massive influx in followers some users had is due to a bug that Instagram is scrambling to fix. Thus, your crazy follower numbers aren’t going to be around for long. (Hope you took a screenshot to commemorate it!) If you want to know more about the issue, you can read about it on Instagram’s Help Center.

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Who knows, maybe you’ll become an Instagram celeb someday. Sadly, it’s not today.

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(h/t TechCrunch, photos via Chris Jackson/Getty + Tim P. Whitby/Getty)