In workout mode yet? If you’re still out there looking for some fitness inspiration to get you motivated to eat healthy, move more and start good habits, here are 9 Instagram accounts worthy of your attention — broken down by whatever exercise you’re into or looking to get into. Namast-yay!

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1. Yoga With @TaraStiles: The founder of NYC’s Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles is pretty much the poster gal for a yoga-centric lifestyle. She poses in her studio, outdoors and even with things like pool toys while on vacation. She’s got a great mix of healthy food, poses and inspirational quotes that will keep you motivated, while also giving you a peek into Stiles’ cool life. The account feels totally real, and isn’t too glossy or overdone. (Photo via @TaraStiles)

2. Boot Camp With @Kayla_Itsines: It would be a total misfire if reigning Instagram fit queen Kayla Itsines wasn’t on this list. But one of the best parts about her account is that she includes the fitness transformations of ordinary people who have undergone her #BBG — or “bikini body guides” for those who don’t know. Her 4.3 million followers really connect with her on a personal level, and it’s great to see that this Australian really loves what she does (and makes a killing at it, by the way!). (Photo via @Kalya_Itsines)

3. CrossFit With @ager_bomb: Nothing says #girlpower like seeing ‘grams of gals stretching their limits by lifting incredible amounts of weight, throwing tires and pulling ropes. Didn’t think girls could have 12-pack abs? Think again. (Photo via @ager_bomb)


4. Rock Climbing With @KatCarney: Part rock climbing, part crash course in the Great Outdoors, Kat Carney’s feed will evoke a serious amount of wanderlust. There’s lots of pics of her scaling terrifying cliffs and shimmying down rock formations, but there’s also a ton of picturesque sunsets, killer desert shots and rivers, lakes and National Parks. You’ll be inspired to pack a bag and head into the wilderness after browsing her feed. (Photo via @KatCarney)

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5. Skiing With @CarolineGleich: This mountaineer and all around adventurer has been featured on the cover of Ski magazine three times and poses as a lifestyle/ski model quite often. But don’t let her good looks fool you: This girl is a serious skier. She hits up places like Banff, New Hampshire, Utah and Slovenia. If you like powder shots, this is the feed for you. (Photo via @CarolineGleich)


6. Ballet With @MistyonPointe: Is there anything at all Misty Copeland can’t do? The principal ballerina (BFD!) with the American Ballet Theatre has broken all sorts of boundaries from the color of her skin to the amount of muscle mass she has (most dancers are much more willowy). But Copeland hasn’t let any of that stop her, and this feed is great not only for her ballet postures but for also the reminder that anything is possible. (Photo via @MistyonPointe)

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7. Running With @KaraGoucher: Kara Goucher, the running world’s It Girl of the moment, mixes up pics of healthy meals and her family with shots of her racing through marathons and daily runs alike. Her posts often drive you towards her website, where you can get more detailed advice and see stories by other runners too. (Photo via @KaraGoucher)

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8. Total Bod Fitness With @nataliejillfit: This one gets a shoutout on our list for being straight-up instructional. Natalie posts videos more often than not, giving you tiny little snippets of very easy-to-do workouts — no fancy equipment needed! Titles like “4 Minute Fat Attack” will keep you engaged without taking up too much of your time — just how working out should be in the modern day. (Photo via @nataliejillfit)

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9. Pilates With @Blogilates: Cassey Ho, founder of POP Pilates and our Re:Make fitness friend, has over 1.1 million followers, so you know she must be on to something. Her feed is all about a mix of videos, funny memes, healthy tips and inspirational captions to help you get to the best you. In her videos, she outlines not only how to do an exercise, but how many times it’s recommended to do it. Forgo that pricey Pilates Reformer class and just hit “follow” instead. (Photo via @Blogilates)

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