So we were browsing Instagram to find a little style inspiration for our closet when it suddenly occurred to us: What about everything around our closet? Surely, our homes, studios and apartments deserve a little style inspo as well. And of course, some of our favorite brands are on Insta, but sometimes it’s best to look to the little guys (and gals) to really see what’s trending in the interior design world. Here are 10 of our fave go-to decor feeds for when our space needs a little pick-me-up.

1. @afabulousfete: The tiniest of tiny boutiques, A Fabulous Fete is actually an Etsy shop run by artist Lauren Saylor. And we can’t get enough of the party supplies — her shop has us planning all the dinners, brunches, showers, housewarmings, etc.

2. @wearemukati: For now, the only place you can check out these bespoke African-inspired pieces are on Mukati’s Instagram account. BUT, their site launches this month, so you’ll be able to purchase some of these one-of-a-kind creations real soon. (Original photo via @arielealasko)

3. @queenfordinner: Like a pop-up shop on your Instagram, Queen for Dinner curates a new batch of too-cute goods for small vendors every two weeks. Stalk this Insta feed to stay ahead of the curve and learn about up-and-coming artisans.

4. @raredevice: One look at this home boutique’s feed might have you wishing you lived in San Francisco. Thank goodness they have an online shop too.

5. @roomage: If you happen to love vintage furniture, scroll through this Instagram to get your fix. Their online store features alllll the goods.

6. @saltandsundry: Forget the White House and the Smithsonian; this quaint boutique specializing in “good living” is where you MUST go when you’re in DC. There are just way too many adorb things on this feed… we want to buy them all.

7. @no.___: In the market for super unique ceramics? Then peruse this Instagram, and you might find yourself purchasing more than just one piece of functional sculpture.

8. @woodlandlane: We love love love string art, and the people behind Woodland Lane do an impressive amount of it. Actually, they specialize in it. Scroll through their feed to inspire your own pieces, or order a custom work from their site.

9. @laylagrayce: If you’re in the midst of a major reno and you’re looking for some massive home-style inspo, look no further than this home boutique’s Instagram. They’ve got you covered with everything from nurseries and kids’ rooms to luxurious kitchens and bedrooms.

10. @caravanshoppe: Who doesn’t love a good printable? It’s instant artsy happiness. And the artists behind Caravan Shoppe want you to have the art you crave, right now.

Do you have an Instagram account that you stalk on the reg for decor ideas? Let us know in the comments!