The holidays are over, but the party has just begun! A new year means new recipes to try, playlists to prepare and of course, parties to plan. While you’re putting together the perfect party outfit, why don’t you add some of these unique, handmade ceramic pieces to your home so you can serve some seriously haute snacks and drinks to your guests. Lose the Solo cups and try something new and chic this year.

1. Imkadesign Porcelain Cup ($32): Shake your mug collection up and start your day off right with this porcelain coffee cup handmade in Poland by Imkadesign.

2. Barceramics Lily Cup ($40): This beautiful and classic porcelain cup features a handle inspired by a lily’s leaves and is hand painted with real platinum.

3. Paulova Sugar Spoons ($15): Sugar never tasted so sweet than when served with one of these one-of-a-kind, hand-formed and hand-decorated porcelain spoons.

4. Large White Cloud Spoon Rest ($24): Rest those hand-decorated spoons on this whimsical cloud spoon rest.

5. Dinnerware Set in White and Red Heart ($120): Valentine’s Day is just a month away! Fall in love with this handmade dinnerware set that’ll cheer up even the grumpiest morning person.

6. Compass Rose Pattern Square Ceramic Serving Tray ($95): This made-to-order and oh-so-modern serving tray is perfect for serving appetizers at your next shindig. Let’s get this party started!

7. BiscuitCuit Nesting Bowls ($96): These cute nesting bowls were handmade in Barcelona, Spain by potter Neus Batllori Bas. She uses her fingerprints to create the teal dots that circle the bowls. You can’t get more handmade than that.

8. KinaCeramicDeisgn Porcelain ‘Give Me More’ Bowl ($30): This porcelain bowl will having your guests putting on their best Britney voice to scream “Give Me More.” Make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand to keep the conversation going.

9. Modern Ceramic Breakfast Bowl ($37): We love that this eye-catching bowl is made out of polygons for a modern flair. Your morning cereal has never looked so good!

10. Eat Your Veggies Plate ($22): Never forget to eat your veggies again with this hand-painted porcelain plate from EastStreetStudios in Madison, Wisconsin.

11. Red Fox Illustrated Bowl ($35): We may never find out what the fox says, but at least we can find out what the fox serves with this cool red fox.

12. White Ceramic Serving Set ($120): These dishes are the perfect size for party snacks, so all you need to decide is what to serve.

13. Porcelain Minimalist Blue White Bowl ($27): This handmade porcelain bowl serves the perfect portion for your favorite dessert and would make a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter.

14. Ceramic Clay Petite Mortar and Pestle ($24): This petite ceramic mortar and pestle is great for grinding small quantities of dry ingredients. With colors this bright, we won’t blame you for picking up two or three.

15. Slip Cast Faceted Geo Ice Cream Bowl ($30): This little bowl will have all your friends screaming with joy for ice cream at your next ice cream social.

What do you love about party planning? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section.