There are lots of things that we love about the internet. But unfortunately, as we all know, there is a dark side to everything. We like to think that there are those among us that are the masked crusaders of the Internet, banishing all trolls and keeping it a safe, welcoming place for everyone else. And now, Instagram is making it much easier to become one of these cyber superheroes and keep your posts troll-free.

Girl holding smart phone outside

Very soon, Instagram users will be able to filter out certain comments that contain phrases that are offensive to them. Users will also be able to turn off comments completely for certain posts. Like most roll-outs, the new feature will not be available to everyone immediately. It will appear for certain high-profile accounts within the coming weeks and then will appear to us plebs within the next few months.

During the upcoming months of testing, Instagram will continue tweaking the feature. Because it relies on users’ personal codes of ethics, it is possible that it will walk the fine line between banning terrible Internet harassment and encouraging censoring of free speech. We will stay tuned to see how Instagram balances the two.

All we can say is that we’re excited to finally ban all Internet trolls from unnecessarily commenting on our perfectly positioned brunch pics.

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(h/t MacRumors; photo via Getty)