Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing app. We follow our favorite celebrities, get Halloween inspiration and scroll through to help us decide what our next haircut will be. We’re always looking for adorable animals to follow, and we also get major inspo from beauty and fashion bloggers, as well as our fave stores. One thing that we’ve never been able to do, though, is shop directly from the app, but now it appears that’s all about to change.


In a blog post, Instagram announced that it’s starting to roll out beta-testing for retailers that will allow us to shop for products we see in photos. No more trying to find products on a desktop later, or clicking back to profiles of items that have been tagged. This is MAJOR. We spend a large chunk of our time scrolling through our feeds, and the ability to click and purchase those must-haves in real time is one we’ve wondered about forever.

We’re so curious to know what this means for the future of social media marketing and how regular users will use IG. Does this make our fave photo-sharing app a retail site now? Facebook rolled out on-page shopping for businesses last year, and since they own IG, it was only a matter of time before they rolled this function out to their other platform. It hasn’t really changed the way we use Facebook, so we’re expecting it not to really change the way we use Insta… except for the better.

Only time will tell how users react to this newest development, but we’re banking on it changing the way we shop online. Otherwise, we’re expecting the app to largely remain the same and maybe even get a little bit better.

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(Photos via Instagram)