If you’re like us, Instagram features heavily in your day-to-day social media check-ins. It’s easy to cross post, you love looking at gorgeously curated accounts and it’s the best way to keep up with friends. But with recent changes to how you see your feed, a lot of us have been pretty unsure about the future of our favorite photo sharing app.

That is, until today. Instagram announced the ability to create video for up to 60 seconds, allowing us to share more than mere moments of our lives. Their reasoning? In the last six months alone, Instagram users have increased their video viewing by over 40 percent. If you think about it, that means you went from watching five videos a day on Instagram to seven, without there even being a change in how you use the app.

Instagram created this cool little 60 second teaser commercial for their announcement today on their blog:

Not only are we able to record for longer, but those of us on iOS are going to have the ability to edit multiple video clips in the app for seamless short film-like productions, an option that was previously available but taken away in a more recent update. This could change the way that all of us use Instagram, and will probably help the app stay fresh against competing apps like Vine and Snapchat.

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(Photo via iStock)