We are officially entering the craziest month of the year. From work deadlines to holiday parties, the action won’t stop until AT LEAST January. So while you’re decompressing from a full Thanksgiving meal (or chomping leftovers!), we’ve got five apps to get you prepared for the month ahead. Whether you need to send silly selfies to friends, buy gifts or take notes, these five apps will help you keep sane until 2017. See you on the other side.

1. Instagram: Instagram’s newest updates prove that it is OUT to get Snapchat. The social network just introduced “live stories” that let you send out live video to your followers and “disappearing messages” which let you send pics to your pals (or groups) that will go away.


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2. Frenzy: You could head out for sales all this weekend, or you could just download this app that pairs with some insanely cool brands to offer you deep discounts via flash sale. This is probably how we’ll be doing the majority of our holiday shopping.


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3. Long Game: If you’re terrible at saving money, try turning it into a game. This new app lets you play your savings like a lottery (except you can never lose), and you can earn real-world prizes the more money you stow away.


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4. Snappy: For all your last-minute gifts this holiday season, there’s Snappy. This app markets itself like a gift card, only better. The app will allow your recipient to choose the gift they like best from a personalized list. And it only takes 17 seconds. No more excuses.


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5. LetterSnap: For all those moments when you see some text that you want to save, snap a pic with LetterSnap. The app will automatically convert the picture into readable text that you can copy and paste anywhere you want. It’s kind of the ultimate utility app, and we can’t believe we’ve lived this long without it on our phones.


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Which was your favorite app this week? Let us know @BritandCo!