20 Inspiring Dinners That Will Help You Eat Around the Globe
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20 Inspiring Dinners That Will Help You Eat Around the Globe

Dinner can be a struggle: You’re tired, time-strapped and fresh out of ideas. Well, put those casserole recipes away in favor of international inspiration. Stumped on where to start? Read on for 20 global classics like paella and beef stroganoff that will take your tastebuds on their best journey yet.

1. Skillet Grilled Seafood and Chorizo Paella: If you’ve never tried a paella before, you’re missing out. Though the regional Valencian dish is typically cooked over an open fire in a large vessel called a paellera, this recipe allows you to whip it up in the comfort of your own home. (via Half Baked Harvest)

2. Katsudon: Japan certainly knows comfort food, and if anyone were to ever argue that, we would simply shove this dish their way. Katsudon unites rice, a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, vegetables and varying condiments to give you ultimate coziness in a bowl. (via The Woks of Life)

3. Russian Beef Stroganoff: This recipe has grown in popularity throughout the world with a handful of variations from the original, but you can’t beat a classic Russian stroganoff. Tender strips of beef are tossed in a creamy sauce, then served over noodles. (via Chef Jar)

4. Ethiopian Sweet Potato Wat: This hearty stew packs a punch in the best way. Bebere is the spice blend that brings everything together, and though there are many variations of it, this one calls for spices such as chili flakes, ginger and cumin to create the most warming of flavors. Served with injera flatbread, it’s a perfect dinner. (via Cook Eat Live Vegetarian)

5. Classic Pizza Margherita: Italy has a plethora of dishes that represent them well, but there’s nothing quite like a classic margherita from Naples — and if you’ve read through Eat, Pray, Love, you already know this. In its purest form, a thin homemade crust is adorned with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil in order to represent the national colors of the Italian flag. (via Olivia’s Cuisine)

6. Choripán: This bad boy could humble a ballpark frank any day. The Argentinian sandwich stuffs a hefty and juicy chorizo sausage into a crusty roll and tops it with a flavorful and herbaceous chimichurri. Sink your teeth into this once and you’ll say goodbye to hot dogs forever. (via Tara’s Multicultural Table)

7. Colcannon: If you thought you loved mashed potatoes before, Ireland’s got a special treat for you. Colcannon brings all of the elements of the best mashed potatoes to the table, like a generous amount of butter and salt, but adds extra oomph with the addition of delicious and nutritious kale or cabbage. (via Not Starving Yet)

8. Quick and Easy Chicken Mole Chilaquiles: This, right here, is what dreams are made of. Picture lightly fried corn tortillas smothered in salsa or mole, simmered, then topped with pulled chicken, crema, shredded queso fresco, avocado and an egg. Mexico, we thank you. (via What Do You Crave?)

9. Bún Thịt Nướng: This glorious Vietnamese dish brings grilled pork and rice noodles to your table in a beautiful arrangement. If you think it looks good, just wait until you dig into those crunchy sweet and sour bits. (via Hungry Huy)

10. Pierogi: The crave-worthy potato and cheese pierogi is SO good that Poland, the Ukraine and Slovakia all consider it their national dish. Topped with melted butter, sour cream, fried onions and bacon bits, this one is plain *irresistible.* (via Fotokulinarnie)

11. Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon: While this French dish was once considered a peasant’s dish, now it’s been refined to haute cuisine. With beef braised in red wine, the slow cooker version makes it a perfect option for a cozy Sunday dinner at home. (via Supergolden Bakes)

12. Green Masala Prawn Biriyani: A vibrant dish from the Indian subcontinent, biriyani is concocted by the general rule of incorporating rice, spices and meat. This particular recipe is a one-pot dish that brings shrimp to the equation. It’s also flexible in the way that you can spice things up to your preference. (via A Cupcake for Love)

13. Maafe: This West African peanut stew is what comfort food is all about. Beef, sweet potatoes and carrots are brought together in a succulent sauce of peanut butter paste and tomatoes. Serve it atop a bed of rice and slip into a state of euphoria! (via African Bites)

14. Whitebait Fritters: You don’t hear about New Zealand cuisine all that often, but they certainly have their own things happening. Whitebait fritters are a Kiwi fave come spring. They’re basically omelettes that contain whitebait, but take note that purists only use the egg whites in order to avoid interfering with the flavor of the seafood. (via Bunny Eats Design)

15. Sauerbraten: Impossible to resist, this tender German pot roast is slathered with a silky sweet and sour gravy. While it’s typically associated with special occasions and holidays, you’re encouraged to make it whenever your heart desires. (via Cooking the Globe)

16. Cullen Skink: This thick and rich fish chowder will make your usual clam chowder seem basic. Jam-packed with flavor, Cullen Skink is a proud Scottish soup that uses smoked haddock along with hearty potatoes and onions. Needless to say, this soup eats like a meal. (via Ang Sarap)

17. Baked Egg Shakshouka With Butter Beans: If you find yourself perusing Pinterest or Instagram on the reg, you’ve likely noticed that Shakshouka is hot right now, and rightfully so. This vivid Israeli dish is full of rich and tangy flavors and can be enjoyed at any meal — from breakfast to dinner. (via Kitschen Cat)

18. Chicken Adobo: This popular Filipino dish traditionally includes pieces of chicken that are slow cooked in a garlicky soy and vinegar sauce. Depending on the region, some folks add brown sugar, coconut milk and even pineapple. Yup, we’re into it. (via Salu Salo)

19. Vegetarian Mapo Tofu: Hailing from the Sichuan province, this plant-based Chinese dish is a vegetarian’s dream. Tofu is tossed in a spicy chili and bean-based sauce along with other veggies, making it a filling and satisfying dinner option. (via Appetite for China)

20. Authentic Canadian Poutine: Oh, Canada. If you’ve never travelled to our neighbors’ yard to indulge in a mountain of crispy French fries smothered in thick gravy and topped with cheese curds so fresh that they squeak, go now. You could also make it yourself, but don’t cheat yourself; shredded mozzarella is *no* substitution for fresh cheese curds. (via Half Baked Harvest)

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