Instagram has become our favorite platform for discovering incredible hair stylists, makeup artists and fashionistas. We’re huge fans of our fave US-based style bloggers, but we’re ready to take our feed to new fashion heights. From the streets of Los Angeles to Hong Kong, we’re sharing 10 of our favorite Instagram fashionistas from around the world. Scroll on for the style makeover your Insta feed has been craving.


1. @kisforkani/Australia: Say hello the most vibrant and colorful Instagram you’ll ever scroll through. Her positive energy coupled with the most adorable sense of style definitely deserve a follow.


2. @cindiddy/China: Following Cindy’s Instagram is like flipping through a magazine. Each post is perfection, from the look and the backdrop to the accessories.


3. @dinatokio/England: She’s the designer behind Dina Torkia and a talented style blogger, and she’s also the turbanista to follow. Check out her photos for an incredible dose of originality and personality.


4. @styledrive/India: Her Instagram will take you through a style journey with traditional and modern influences. You’ll always find something new yet timeless in her photos.


5. @luanna90/Peru: Luanna Perez-Garreaud is your source for girly goth-chic inspo. She’s currently based in NYC, but she grew up in Lima, Peru. If your Insta feed needs an extra dose of ’90s love and edge, take a peek at her pics.


6. @dssaaksss/Indonesia: This blogger gives style a whole new meaning. Whether she’s posing on a mountain in Europe or in a high-rise in the UAE, she is always traveling in style. We’re insanely jealous of her killer shoe collection.


7. @nanciemwai/Kenya: Want to know what’s Nancie’s most beautiful accessory? Her confidence. Each one of her looks is so well put together, you’ll find yourself waiting for her next post.


8. @herminatomasyan/Netherlands: Hermina knows how to make a statement. Whether it’s a bold lip or a floral headpiece, her fashion talents make each look pop.


9. @velascarves/United States: Marwa Atik, owner of Vela Scarves, never disappoints with her effortless style. We bet if you gave her a garbage bag, she’d come up with something chic.


10. @thefierce_nay/United Arab Emirates: Nadya Hassan is the founder of The Fierce Diaries, and we couldn’t think of a better name for her style. Fierce describes her perfectly, from head to stilettos.

Who is your favorite Insta fashionista? Got more countries you’d like to see featured? Share below!